How to Change Placeholders in PowerPoint 2003

zoundryPlaceholders are boxes with dotted or hatch-marked borders that are part of most slide layouts, which hold title and body text or objects such as charts, tables, and pictures.

To make changes on placeholders in PowerPoint 2003, follow these:

1. Do one of the following to select the placeholder you want to change:
* To change a placeholder on a slide, click the placeholder.
* To change a placeholder throughout a presentation, on the View menu, point to Master, click either the Slide Master, Notes Master, or Handout Master, and then click the placeholder you want to change.

2. Make changes as shown below:
* To resize the placeholder, point to a sizing handle, and when the pointer becomes a two-headed arrow, drag the handle.
* To reposition the placeholder, point to it, and when the pointer becomes a four-headed arrow, drag the placeholder to a new position.
* To add or change a fill color or border, on the Format menu, click Placeholder, click the Colors and Lines tab, and select options under Fill and Line.
* To change the font, on the Format menu, click Font, and select options in the Font dialog box.

Notes for you

* If you delete a placeholder on the master and you want to reinsert it, do the following in master view: On the Format menu, click either Master Layout, Notes Master Layout, or Handout Master Layout. Then, under Placeholders, select the check box for the deleted placeholder.
* Changes you make to the handout master will also appear when you print your presentation in outline view.

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