How to Burn PowerPoint to DVD with Free Windows Movie Maker

You are a frequent user of MS PowerPoint? Then you may occasionally need to convert and burn PowerPoint to DVD for portable playback on a big-screen TV, when you have a presentation of business ad to demonstrate in a serious meeting room, a school PPT course to give out at an advanced academic hall, or a Birthday party slideshow to share at a casual saloon.

The simplest way to do the conversion is using a robust conversion app like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Nevertheless, this will cost you a few bulks. If you are using Windows XP or Vista and looking for a free alternative, Windows Movie Maker is not bad a choice. With it, you can build a movie right away from your presentation.

Read on. This article will show you how to burn an awesome PowerPoint presentation to DVD with Windows Movie Maker.

IMPORTANT: Note that PowerPoint presentations are not supported by and cannot be imported directly into Windows Movie Maker. Hence, you need to break a PPT file up, i.e. separating all its components like videos, pictures, sounds before putting to the Movie Maker.

Burn PowerPoint to DVD Using Windows Movie Maker (WMM)

To get a terrific PowerPoint video and burn to DVD with free WMM, follow the 5 steps below:

    1. 1. Transfer all the slides to Windows Movie Maker

      Before importing, save each slide in your PowerPoint presentation as image.

      a. In MS PowerPoint, go to File (or Office button in the 2007 version) > Save As > Other Formats.

      b. A Save As interface appears. In the Save as type dropdown list, choose an image format like JPEG or PNG. Click Save.

      c. A message pops up, saying "Do you want to export every slide in the presentation or the current slide?". Select Every slide.

      d. Later, you will see another alert appear, saying "Each slide in your presentation has been saved as a separate file in the folder: ***" (indicating path of the folder). Click OK. You should find a folder of the same name as your original PPT file on the specified path.

      e. Go to Windows Movie Maker, select File > Import into Collections to add in all the slide pictures from the folder.


      2. Drag all slides to Story Board and Edit them

      Drag each listed picture and drop it to the Story Board in sequence.


      The collection of slide pictures are now clips of your new movie. To make the slides more organized, add a video effect to a slide clip and video transitions between slides.

      3. Re-add original PowerPoint effects to Windows Movie Maker

      If there are background music, short video clips and your own voiceover in original PowerPoint presentation, you have to re-insert them to Windows Movie Maker. Be sure you have saved sources of the sound, video or voiceover in the same folder of your presentation file.

      * To add a PowerPoint sound or voiceover to WMM, in Movie Tasks, under Capture Video, click Import audio or music to insert the sound file.

      * To insert a video from your PPT to WMM, in Movie Tasks, under Capture Video, click Import Video to add it.


      Then edit the imported audio or video clips in Story Board as you like.

      4. Save the re-organized PowerPoint presentation as Movie

      Now the PowerPoint movie is ready, it’s time to save it.

      Go to Movie Tasks > Finish Movie > Save to my computer, in the popup Save Movie Wizard, customize the WMV file by typing in a new name and specifying a location, etc. Once done, click Finish to exit.

      5. Burn the movie to DVD with third-party burner

      Last, use third-party burning software like Nero DVD Burner to turn the PowerPoint movie you’ve made into DVD. Click here to see how to burn a movie to DVD with DVD burner

After burnt to disc, the handsome movie you’ve made with PowerPoint and WMM can play back on a TV attached with DVD player.

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