How to Browse a Webpage in PowerPoint Directly

Posted By Abby on October 28, 2012
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These days, as a dominant tool for efficient presentation, PowerPoint is applied to all walks of life. In the past, people used PowerPoint as alternatives of pen and paper, because they just input what they used to write on the paper in the PowerPoint. But now the situation is changing. After undergoing several upgrades and improvements PowerPoint now allows people to add more effects such as music, video, animation and hyperlink in their presentation. All these effects contribute to the successful presentation.

Today I want to discuss one of the various effects-hyperlink. Hyperlink is a fantastic function which enables a speaker to connect some important information from other place, for example, a webpage to the PowerPoint file. However, as we already know, if we insert a webpage by hyperlink we should certainly browse the webpage with the help of a browser. Sometimes it seems not so perfect. Therefore, here I would like to introduce you a wonderful method about how to browse a webpage in PowerPoint directly. There are 2 steps to finish all the operations, maybe one day you will find it is really of great help.

Step 1 Insert a Micro Web Browser Control

Click “Developer” > “More Controls”>“Micro Web Browser” to insert a Micro Web Browser control. And then click the “button” icon which is exclusively designed to add a button in the PPT to insert a button.

Step 2 Write the Codes

Check out the inserted button and right click to choose “View Code” and then you will see a new dialog box. In the box you can see the following codes:

Private Sub GoBtn_Click()


End Sub

You just need to write down the url of the webpage in the bracket.

After all the operations, you can view the webpage directly in your PPT file when you play the PowerPoint. It is really very convenient.

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