How to Add the Expand and Shrink Animation to a Picture in PowerPoint

When you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation for uploading to YouTube, do you want the inserted picture to be livelier? For example, when may have see that on many web pages, you can click a picture to expand it and click again to shrink it back to normal. That is realized with help of HTML code. But how can we make the picture in PowerPoint to be like that, expand and shrink on mouse click? In this article you’re going to learn how to add the expand and shrink animation to a picture in PowerPoint.

All the screenshots are from PowerPoint 2010, but we have tested that it is the same on PowerPoint 2007.

There are two methods that you can get the picture expand and shrink effect in PowerPoint. PowerPoint is an easy program to use to create presentations, but with some brilliant tips and skills you can make great presentations. With all the tools Microsoft PowerPoint provides, we can reorganize the simple functions to make complicated effects. All you need to do is to think or learn.

Method 1: Animations

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint 2010 and click “Insert” → “Picture” to import the picture you want to add to PowerPoint. Drag it to the location you want it to be placed.

Expand/Shrink animation: animation -1

Step 2: Select the picture and click “Animations” → “Add Animation” to add an animation to the picture. For PowerPoint 2007, this is a little different. You should click “Animations” → “Customize Animation” → “Add Effect” to add an animation.

Expand/Shrink animation: animation -2

Step 3: In the drop-down list, you will see many animations you can add to the picture and the “Grow/Shrink” animation is the one we need.

Expand/Shrink animation: animation -3

Step 4: Now click the mouse and the picture will expand to 150% larger. The problem is that once clicked, the picture will remain the 150% size, how can we return it back to normal size? Insert the “Grow/Shrink” animation again. And click the “Animation Pane” to adjust the second animation.

Expand/Shrink animation: animation -4

Step 5: The “Animation Pane” section will appear on the right of the slide section. Right click on the animation 2 and click “Effect Options”.

Expand/Shrink animation: animation -5

Step 6: In the pop up window, you will see the default size is “150%”, to click the mouse again and shrink the picture back to normal size, you should set the size as “67%” (100%/150%) and press “Enter”.

Expand/Shrink animation: animation -6

That’s it. Click your mouse once the picture will expand to 150% in size, and click again, it will shrink back to original size.

Method 2: Hyperlinks

Hyperlink is an almighty function in PowerPoint. Its basic function is to add hyperlink to jump to webpage and another slide, but if you make the best of this simple function, you can even create invisible buttons as outline or make a jeopardy game in PowerPoint.

In this method you will need two slide of the same content, one with the original picture, and the other with the picture of larger size. All you need to do is add hyperlinks between the two slides, and when you click the first slide it jump to the second slide with larger version of the picture. Click on the second slide and jump back to the first one.

Right click on the picture and select “Hyperlink”, in the pop up window, click “Places in the Document” and choose the destination slide.

Expand/Shrink animation: hyperlink

That’s it! Add this expand and shrink animations and share your PowerPoint on YouTube, your PowerPoint will be more popular than the still picture. Do you have any other ways to expand and shrink picture in PowerPoint?

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