How to Add Template in PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010

Remember every time when you create a PowerPoint file, it is just a blank background? Yes, you can add a picture as background and other small elements, but it will take you much time. If you have read a good PowerPoint file, then you can directly borrow its template to improve the look of any PowerPoint easily.

You can download free download templates from Microsoft and use it in your PowerPoint.

For PowerPoint 2003:

  • First, Open/Create a blank PowerPoint file

  • In PowerPoint, click on “Format” > “Slide Design“. You will see a series of pictures with different layouts on the right. You can choose one of the templates that came with PowerPoint when you installed it.

  • Add Template in PowerPoint 2003: Slide Design

  • If the template you need is not displayed, click the “Browse… ” button on the bottom and choose your own PowerPoint template (*.ppt, *pot, *pps) file.

Add Template in PowerPoint 2003: Browse

And with that, PowerPoint applies the template you selected to your presentation.

For PowerPoint 2007/2010:

It is almost the same as PowerPoint 2003, but you should find the templates in this way:

  • Click on “Design“, you will then see the default pictures come along with PowerPoint 2007/2010.

  • PowerPoint 2007:

  • Add Template in PowerPoint 2007: Design

  • PowerPoint 2010:

  • Add Template in PowerPoint 2010: Design

  • Then, to the right of the pictures under “Designs” you should see 3 tiny arrows, one pointing up, one pointing down and one pointing down with a line. Click the bottom arrow with the line and more choices will appear.

  • Add Template in PowerPoint 2007/2010: Browse

  • Click “Browse for Themes…” to choose a PowerPoint template.

It will save you a lot of time to use other PowerPoint as your PowerPoint template.

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