How to Add Speech Bubbles to Pictures

“I have some photos (JPEG files) and wish to add “speech bubbles”. Do you know of a program or any online app that will do this? Many thanks!”

Remember the cute and expressive bubbles appear in comics of our childhood? Want to add speech bubbles/speech balloons/talk bubbles/thought bubbles to the favorite pictures or photos of your own? You never thought the bubbles with witty one-liners on them can be constructed in any way. Here I have summarized several methods for you to add speech bubbles to pictures easily.

Method 1 Use PowerPoint

Here takes PowerPoint 2013 as an example. Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to add speech bubbles to photos and export the pictures with bubbles in batch and at high speed.

Step 1 Create a blank PowerPoint on your computer and open it with the Microsoft PowerPoint program installed on your computer.

Step 2 Open the PowerPoint file and from the tool bar, tap on Home > New slide and create a new blank slide to your presentation.

Step 3 Click Insert > Picture to import a picture to your slide for editing. You should drag the zooming arrow on the right corner or left corner of the picture to magnify the picture to fill or cover the current slide by the same proportion.

Step 4 Click Insert > Shapes > Callouts, and choose a bubble shape you like to insert into the picture.

Insert bubbles and select bubble shapes

Step 5 You can adjust the size, shape and rotation of the bubble by right-clicking the bubble and redesign the bubble in “Size and Position” settings. Then write speech text directly onto the bubbles. Note that when you have rotated the bubble for more than -90°, you may need to set the text direction to Vertical in the “Size and Position” > Position > Text Box > Text Direction > Vertical.

Set formats of the bubble and bubble text

Step 6 When you have completed the bubble editing, save your PowerPoint to image by clicking File > Save As > Computer to select a file location on your computer first. And then from the pop-up saving window, you should choose to save the slides to image formats such as .jpg or .png before clicking “Save”.

Save the PowerPoint as image

Then you’ll see a dialogue prompting you to choose to export all the slides to pictures or only export the current one slide to picture, if you have more than one slide, select the first option, then each of the slides in the presentation will be saved as a separate image in a folder on your computer.

Select slides to save


Method 2 Use Photoshop

Photoshop is a versatile photo/picture editing software, which can also be used to add thought bubbles to pictures. Here is the screen grabs from Photoshop 5. The method to add speech bubbles to pictures is similar for other versions of Photoshop.

Step 1 Launch Photoshop on your computer and open the image you want to add speech bubbles to.

Step 2 Click the Custom Shape Tool icon in the toolbar and choose custom shape tool.

Choose custom shape tool

Step 3 On the “Options” bar at the top of the screen, choose “Paths “option. Then choose the drop-down box of “Shape”, but you can only see a speech bubble shape. To get more bubble shapes, click the triangle on the top right corner and choose “Talk Bubbles”.

Choose path, shape and talk bubbles

Then you can select and click one bubble shape from the bubbles provided and draw it on the background image.

Choose a bubble shape

Step 4 What you have drawn in the previous step is only a vector path with no pixels at that stage. You should stroke or fill the vector path you have drawn just now. Before it, you should set up the color and shape of the brush by clicking the brush tool, and in the options bar, choose a brush size (pixel), hardness and shape.

Choose brush

Step 5 In the tool bar, choose “Toggle the brush panel” to show the brush panel. At the bottom of the path panel, click Stroke Path button, which adds the pixel and color you have set to the path. Then the path or bubble you have drawn will be visible.

Add pixel to the bubble path

Step 6 Add text to the bubble by clicking the “T” type tool on the tool bar.

Add text to the bubbles

Step 7 When you have finished adding speech bubbles to your picture, you should save your file as image format by clicking File > Save As > JPEG format.

Choose image format to save

Method 3 Use “Phrase It”

Go to the online bubble editing app by, you’ll see 3 steps guides shown in the picture below.

Phrase it - add bubbles guides

Step 1 Select the first step “Upload photos from your device”. Then in the Bubbles tab, select a bubble shape and add bubbles to the picture by directly dragging the bubbles onto the image. Then you can add texts to the bubbles and select the text fonts.

Add bubbles to the picture with phrase it

Step 2 After finishing editing, you can save your works by clicking “Preview & Save” button on the top right corner.

Save the speech bubble in phrase it

Step 3 Then you’ll be directed to an interface where you are provided with the options to free download the saved image and upload it to Facebook, share it on Twitter or send it by email.

Download the speech bubble from phrase it website

Method 4 Use Speechable

Another online speech bubbles editing tool is Speechable, just go to, and do as the guides below. It’s very easy.

Step 1 Go to Speechable website, you’ll see the main page shown as below, just click “Upload” button to upload a picture from your PC or from an URL.

Speechable main interface

Step 2 Click the “Bubble” icon on the top of the page, then the bubbles will be added on the image. Next, type texts on the bubble and click “Save” button on the top right corner to save the picture with speech bubbles you have created.

Add bubbles and text with Speech Bubble

Method 5 Use Microsoft Excel

Here take Microsoft Excel 2013 as an example.

Step 1 Create a new Excel table on your computer.

Step 2 Insert a picture or photo to the Excel sheet by checking Insert > Pictures.

Step 3 Add speech bubble to photo by checking Insert > Shapes, then choose a bubble shape listed in Callouts.

Insert a speech bubble

Step 4 Type texts onto the speech bubbles.

Add speech bubble to picture with Excel

Step 5 Grab the image with a screenshot tool and save the picture on your computer.

Method 6 Use Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word to add speech bubbles to pictures is similar with Excel, here are the guides (take Micorsoft Excel 2013 as an example).

Step 1 Create a new Word document on your computer.

Step 2 Add a bubble to the picture by checking Insert > Shapes > Callouts, then choose a bubble shape you like.

Add bubbles to picture with Microsoft Word

Step 3 Type some texts or words to the bubbles.

Type texts to the bubbles in Microsoft Word

Step 4 Take a screenshot of the picture part and save the screenshot on your computer.

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