How Many Methods Have You Tried to Say Happy New Year to the Others

Posted By Simon on January 5, 2011
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When the New Year comes, delivering the blessings to your family and friends is traditional but its method is ever-changing. Many years ago, we have to pay someone a visit to say “Happy New Year”, but now we just need to make some Slideshow DVDs.

Technology changes life, including the ways we choose to give our regards to the others. Here are ten methods to say Happy New Year to your family or friends. Have you tried them all?

  • 1. Call on Someone in Person. Although many years passed away, it is also one of the most familiar and popular methods we prefer to choose to deliver our blessings. However, it is not suitable for the friends faraway.
  • 2. Send Postcards. A beautiful postcard with your handwritten greetings words always gives the recipient a big surprise. However, we will always face the risk of getting lost in transit.
  • 3. Radio. Radio can play an important role just like it had done in Sleepless In Seattle. When the New Year comes, we can call in the radio station to ask the DJ play some sweet songs for friends. However, you friends may miss it.
  • 4. Give a Call. With the increasing popularity of phones, giving your friends a greeting call regardless of distance is very convenient and generally accepted. However, your greetings are just restricted to some sound and cannot be stored.
  • 5. Short Messages. Many short messages are composed of beautiful sentences and economical. What’s important, it can be saved in your inbox of your cell phone. However, it is limited by the number of characters.
  • 6. Send an Email. Email, which can be sent to your friends immediately, can be stored forever and has no size restrictions. We can send text, photos, music, and video together to our friends via email. However, all the elements aforementioned are unconsolidated.
  • 7. IM. Many people own an IM account, such as MSN, ICQ or Yahoo Messenger. We can send our greetings via those IM tools, and our friends can receive those messages when they log in. However, it seems like informal.
  • 8. Facebook. We can “Share” something interesting with our friends, or “Like” some pages that are created by the others. Therefore, we can make a Happy New Year page in our Facebook, and share it with our friends. However, you must be sure of that every friends you want to express your best wishes have a Facebook account.
  • 9. Twitter. In recent year, Twitter and other micro-blogs are more and more popular. What you need is just “@” the ID of your friends and writes down your greetings. Maybe you do not know the phone number, address, email address or IM account, but you can also send your best wishes to them.
  • 10. Slideshow DVD. It refers to the DVD converter from PowerPoint presentation, which contains your greetings, images, songs, videos, transitions and animations, and what you want to insert together. You can burn them to a disc and send them to your friends as a special gift. What’s more, you can even convert it to video or convert it to Blu-ray Disc with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro.

I hope these ten methods mentioned above are useful for you. If you are interested in it, why not try them personally.

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