Google Docs is Stealing the Thunder of Mobile Office 2013

Microsoft Office is in troubles, so is Microsoft Company. As one of the most reliable businesses of the software giant, Microsoft Office has fallen from the only office tool to a more favored one in the market. To revitalize and maintain the competitiveness of Microsoft Office, the company needs to make Microsoft Office accessible to various platforms. Therefore, Microsoft is working on Mobile Office 2013 for iOS and Android, which will come in 2013. This is good news for both iPhone and Android users. However, with new updates, Google Docs has become a thunder stealer who can provide functions similar to that of Mobile Office 2013.

Office 365 vs Google Docs

A key feature of the updated Google Docs lies in its enhanced function to convert Office documents to Google Docs files. By employing Quickoffice conversion technologies, Google Docs can provide solutions to solve the losses of some functions or effects of the original file caused by the conversion from Microsoft Office to Google Docs. For example, charts and tablets in Excel won’t show up in the Spreadsheet and 3D logo in PowerPoint will become a 2D one in the Presentation. In fact, Google’s purchase of Quickoffice in June has not only made Google Docs a major threat to Mobile Office 2013, but also to Office 365.

As a powerful PowerPoint alternative, Google Docs is now stealing the thunder of rumored Mobile Office 2013. By utilizing the functions of Quickoffice, Google Docs can be used to help Android users view PowerPoint on Galaxy S3 or iOS users enjoy PowerPoint on iPhone 5. Users only need to convert the Office documents to Google Docs files for editing, save the edited Google Docs files to Google Drive and then use Quickoffice to open the files stored in Google Drive. Widely used as an office app for iOS and Android, Quickoffice makes the thunder stealer Google Docs more powerful and attractive than Mobile Office 2013.

Originally created in 2006, Google Docs aimed to overrun the dominance of Microsoft Office in this arena. However, with years of evolution, this cloud based office tool has become a main competitor of Office 365. To overrun Office 365, Google Docs still gets a long way to go. Of course, Google Docs is not the only threat Office 365 gets. IBM, another IT tycoon, also intends to win some market shares with a novel cloud-based software suite studded with office productivity applications named CloudSmart Docs. Therefore, there are more things for Office 365 to take care of.

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