Google Docs Drags Microsoft Office 2013 into the Battlefield

Posted By Tony on January 24, 2013
in Special Focus

While software giant Microsoft is now trying to change Office 2013 from a local program to a web-based service, Google Docs decides to follow the opposite direction. Google Docs, most commonly known as a web-based office suite, in recent days have released the latest update that allows users to take full advantages of all the Google Docs files (except Spreadsheet) in offline mode. As a consequence, Google Docs has dragged Office 2013 into the battlefield where both sides need to fight for market share. However, even though Google Docs is the major competitor of Office 365, it can hardly weak the dominance of Office 2013 in the market.

Offline Google Docs

Document was the first Google Docs file that can be used offline, followed by Presentation. As for Spreadsheet, Google is working on to add offline capabilities to it as soon as possible. To own those offline capabilities of Google Docs, users need to click “Enable offline editing” button in the page of Google Docs and follow the instructions. Of course, the offline mode of Google Docs can only be used by Chrome users. In fact, as the versions of Chrome differ, offline capabilities of Google Docs vary. For example, desktop Chrome users are allowed to edit and view Presentation and Document files without Internet connection but mobile Chrome users are only granted with the right to view Presentation and Document files.

It is a known story that the future of Internet lies in cloud-based services. Microsoft puts more attention in the promotion of Office 365 subscription in Office 2013 rumors and IBM is preparing to release CloudSmart Docs. Therefore, the decision of Google to provide offline Google Docs is actually out of expectations. Moreover, as the market share of desktop office suite has been mostly taken by Microsoft Office for years, Google Docs only gets dim chance to be successful. Moreover, while the result of the war between Google Docs and Office 365 in cloud storage field is still unknown, Google’s decision to stage another war with Office 2013 with offline Google Docs is really controversial.

Can Google Docs with offline capabilities be favored in the market? No one knows. However, there are at least two advantages for offline Google Docs. For one thing, it owns the power to compete with Office 2013 in functions. Presentation is quite favored choice as powerful alternative to PowerPoint 2013 and Document can be substitute for Word 2013. For another, offline Google Docs is provided for free. For customers who want to editing document offline and storing document date online, they need to pay high prices for both Office 2013 and Office 365. However, when they referring to Google Docs, they can do it free of charge.  

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