Get More Traffic from YouTube with PowerPoint

YouTube, now the world’s largest free video hosting site, is also a great tool for E-marketing. When mentioned a video, the first idea that flashes in most minds is nothing but the all-mighty YouTube. You know every day, there are millions of netizens surfing on YouTube, the heaven of videos, to search, watch, share, upload or download a favorite clip. If you have a website, and an account on YouTube, you would probably gain a great traffic from that to your site. YouTube’s free video sharing along with the enormous network of visitors is a perfect consideration to promote products and services on your site.

Then how to maximize the traffic of your website by a free video ad on YouTube? Here are a set of useful tricks for you:

First of all, create a definite video with PowerPoint.

You can use a digital camera to capture some pictures or video clips. Furthermore, you can take MS PowerPoint, which hosts a dazzling collection of animated effects, to make a video advertisement that is more amazing and organized. I see many PowerPoint generated videos posted on YouTube, some with a logo of a brand, some with a site URL at the end, some even embedded with a movie clip, and they look the same professional yet more creative. And you can try this innovation of video making. Personally, I recommend you try some reliable conversion software (like Moyea PPT to Video Converter) to brief the process from PowerPoint to video.

OK. Let’s go back to the very content of video ad making. Pay attention to these:

1. Name the video nice.

Think before compose on PowerPoint. What is the objective of this video presentation? What is an appropriate name for the video ad? How can it capture your potential customers at the first sight? Things like that do deserve your careful analysis. A nice name that is informative and has good rank in Google (and other search engines like Yahoo, MSN live) will work wonder. Exercise your imagination to make an eye-catching name for your YouTube video. The key is to get your audience involved. You can use an interrogative beginning with “What” or “How” or anything attractive to arouse their curiosity.

2. Use right PowerPoint template.

You should know the preference of your target audience first. If your video slide show is targeted at professionals, then take a formal PowerPoint template rather than a casual one. If it is for kids and youngsters, you can pick up a cool colorful tune.
Google one at the Internet, like Free PowerPoint Template Download, or make a distinctive template yourself.

3. Organize the message in your presentation.

Specify a focus of your video ad. Then try to give clear and concise description of the focus. Take advantage of the animations and wipes in PowerPoint. In addition, you can insert some relevant photos, sounds, clip arts, or even movie clips to colorize your presentation. Before finalizing it to video, check the whole presentation and see if it contains the very message you want to convey.

4. End the video with a teaser trailer writing your site URL.

The video is made to increase visits of your website. While promotional info that is too obvious in the video may cause a force-out from YouTube, you can put a subtle teaser trailer, writing the URL of your website at the end of the video. This will bring more chances to publicize your site.

5. Trim the video slide show within 5 minutes.
Don’t test the patience of your audience. No matter how perfect the content is, an over-long video show will weary its viewers. Measure the timing (slide transitions) in your presentation, and ensure it is no more than 5 minutes in total.

6. Watermark the video with your company/site logo.

Add a watermark on each slide to identify yourself, brand your company or site, and protect your video slide show from prying hands.

After your ad PowerPoint presentation converted to video, you can forward to

The second step – upload the video ad to YouTube with your account.

Put your video on YouTube and just leave it there? No, never stop unless you don’t expect a winning traffic from it!

There is still a lot of work to do for a satisfying achievement. Run your brains to make your video one of the top on YouTube. Only does your YouTube video win a sound stance among SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), can it attract more traffic to your relevant website.

Here follows several tips for increasing visits of your YouTube video:

a. Post your YouTube video to all the blogs, Podcasts, websites of yours and others. Link it to anywhere available. Exact practice: copy the Embed code of your YouTube video to where you want to insert.
b. Email it to all your friends and clients. YouTube allows such “Email to a friend” action. The more, the better.

OK. Just try your best to promote your video ad on YouTube. Never give up, even it is not that satisfying at first. Good luck!

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