Get Black Friday Video Ads Out of PowerPoint

Crazy sales seem to be the best move to describe Black Friday. Internet, with its rising power in worldwide connection, has been casting a big drive to a boosting Black Friday shopping online. Whether you are a company representative dealing with e-trade or an individual e-storeowner, it’s time to seize the opportunity to fight in the best buying time – Black Friday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. As to the marketing strategy, you cannot ignore video, today’s most popular media across the Internet, known for its web flexibility and visualization. Video ad is one of the sharpest weapons for your Black Friday business.

You can use a video camera to carve your product ads. However, there is an easy and economic alternative to make a video ad, i.e. to employ the power of MS PowerPoint, a dominant authoring tool for dynamic content creation. You can compose your Black Friday ads with PowerPoint, convert the presentation to video with a PowerPoint to video converter, and post the video ads of your products to your blogs, podcasts, video hosting sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook, MySpace, and etc.

To capture more audience, you’d make a compelling product ad in PowerPoint. That’s the first step. Simple as using PowerPoint, there are several tips you’d better pay attention to when building the "visual image" of your product.

Seven tips for creating a successful business PowerPoint presentation

1.Take Professional Business Templates or Backgrounds
It’s not for family or friends. It’s for selective customers. Use formal business templates/backgrounds instead of those gaudy colors. Click here for free business PowerPoint templates and backgrounds.

2. Simplify Your Ad Theme with Logical Key Points
More phrases, less sentences. That’s the key to the simplicity of your Black Friday presentation. List the content of your ad presentation with three to five points. Limit the bullets to less than 6 in each slide.

3. Use Formal Fonts in the Black Friday presentation
To describe your product, use common fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana, rather than fancy fonts like Comic. Use bold large fonts (36 pts or bigger) for the titles and smaller fonts for the content (usu. no less than 30 pts) so that it can be read on screen when converted to video.

4. More Slides Don’t Mean More Profits
Maybe you just want to include more about your products. But you should know it’s not the number that matters, it’s the shines that your ad gives out. Too many slides will distract rather than keep the audience. You can adjust the slide transitions to figure out an appropriate duration for the video ad, usu. no longer than 5 minutes.

5. Photos and Graphics Worth A Thousand of Words
Product photos or related are necessary to the Black Friday PowerPoint ad. To convey your selling ideas better, you can integrate quality photos, charts or clips relevant with the text. A PowerPoint ad full of text slides is not a real PowerPoint result.

6. Add in Animations and Transitions to Your Ad
A rich range of animations and transitions constitute the dynamic soul of PowerPoint. Sort some for your ad presentation. Note that you should avoid too much of such good effects. Otherwise, it will achieve the opposite to your expectation.

7. Give Some Thought to A Mood Music or Your Voice-cover
As it’s going to be a self-running video, you can insert a piece of soundtrack, your very voice narration (if you have a trained voice), or even a movie clip that matches the product ad. Make your ad a cheer or a relief to your customers.

Following the seven tips above, you can make a better business PowerPoint ad. Next, you need to ensure that the PowerPoint ad for Black Friday can play on any computer. To distribute your ad faster and father, finalize in universal video with a tool like Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Click here to see how to convert your Black Friday ad from PowerPoint to video.

Once you get a Black Friday ad video out of PowerPoint, you can upload it to YouTube, copy the embed code to your blogs, Twitter and submit it to many social networking sites for vast traffic.

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