Fun Easter Egg Hunt Games for Easter 2011

Posted By Dupont on April 19, 2011
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Happy Easter

Easter 2011 is approaching fast and there will be fun all over this weekend. On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the good times of spring. So besides the religious meaning, Easter also represents the hope. On this happy festival, we will have dinners, parties and games, like Easter egg hunt. The Easter egg hunt hasn’t change much through the years.

Here is a collection of fresh ideas on Easter egg hunt.

  • 1. Hidden Easter Basket clues

  • When your children get up on Easter morning, give them a plastic egg with a clue inside. This should lead them to another plastic

    egg, which leads to another and so on, until finally leading them to their basket.

  • 2. In-the-dark egg hunt

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Group of children

    For older kids (or adults), try an egg hunt in the dark! Arm them with flashlights, and have them hunt for eggs in the dark, indoor or outdoor.

  • 3. Turn the tables on your kids

  • Have your children make at least 5 eggs each and hide them around the house. When they are done hiding them, the parents look for them and the child whose egg is found last wins a prize.

  • 4. Match egg hunt

  • Separate the eggs into two parts, and put them in different places. The kid who matches the two parts first won the prize.

  • 5. Find your name egg hunt

  • Write each one’s name on the Easter eggs, the kid who find his name first won the prize.

  • 6. Treasure Map Egg Hunt

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Count Eggs

    Make up treasure maps for your egg hunt. Draw the maps to scale with each tree, bush and flower on the map and let the children plot out the hiding spots of all the eggs they find on their maps. Or you can plot the hiding spots on the maps when you hide the eggs –then give a copy of the map to each of the children and let them go to town finding the eggs by using the map. Obviously, this works out best if you are using large area for your egg hunt.

And when they’re done with the hunt, let them eat cake. Anyway, they might get hungry after having fun with these games.

Don’t forget to take photos when the kids are enjoying themselves. It will be quite interesting to watch the photos with the kids afterwards.

Make the photos to a video slideshow for playing on TV with the whole family will be great, too.

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