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Posted By Frank on June 17, 2009
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Gifts are never absent on great occasions like Father’s Day. Fathers are one of the most important parts of a child’s life. They are looked up to and respected, and should never be forgotten on their special day June 21, 2009, the best time to say thank you to dad. Get a gift is easy, but a bit pain is essential for a perfect Father’s Day present.

To help filial sons and daughters find a right gift that dads will really love, here we list a simple selective set of gifts for Father’s Day.

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# 10 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Pocket Watch for Working Dad

Father's Day Gift 10
A classic watch is a worth for fathers who are busy working to earn bread for a family. It is a good gift to express your gratitude for dad��s sacrifice and hard work. Dad will wear the pocket watch with pride.

# 9 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Rare Wine for Drinking Dad

Father's Day Gift 9
For a dad who drives for a drink, a favorable gift should be wine, rare wine collected from every corner of the world. Take your father on a wine tasting adventure by exploring a sip of escape in a bottle of rare wine.

# 8 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Grooming Kit for Travelling Dad

Father's Day Gift
If yours is a travelling dad with numerous of business affairs, you can present him with a grooming kit containing a point tweezer, facial hair scissors, a skin care tool, a sapphire nail file, a toenail clipper, a power nail clipper, and a power hangnail clipper (e.g. Tweezer Man). Dad will appreciate your careful concern when his hands and fingernails look great even on office duties.

# 7 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Facial Care for Fashionable Father

Father's Day Gift 7
The only thing fathers fear is losing face in front of their children. Why not respect him from his face? Shop for a kit of facial care to rejuvenate the skin, and make dad look younger and more handsome.

# 6 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Sports Event Ticket for Outdoor Dad
For the father who has a favorite on sports events, you can book in advance an event ticket of the pro team that he is crazy for. This gives you the chance to catch up on old times and bond with the man who raised you to be the man you are today. Plus, you get to rub it in if his team loses — again.

# 5 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Books for Academic Father
For the geek dad who loves books, magazines, Maoist propaganda posters, and notebooks good enough for Hemingway, buy a book of his taste. Books for Fathers: A Short History of Nearly Everything, Beans: A History, Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking, Heroes Die, Anathem, Rapture for the Geeks: When AI Outsmarts IQ

# 4 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Restaurants for Gourmet Dads
If your dad is a good gourmet, you can treat him on the evening of Father’s Day, at a comfortable restaurant, with all the family, sitting at a table of savory snacks, sweet treats and farm fresh fruit. Dinner together to please dad of a sensitive stomach.

# 3Father’s Day Gift Idea – Digital Gadgets for IT Fathers

Father's Day Gift 3
Fathers should not always be serious, particularly not on their special day. Relax your dad with a cool digital gadget like a cute iPod and a new Blackberry.

# 2 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Homemade Cards for Romantic Papas

Father's Day Gift 2
Write a poem on a card for the special man who creates a half of you. For all the lessons that he has taught you, for the love he has given you, and for the sacrifices he has made for you, record on a homemade card to melt his heart.

# 1 Father’s Day Gift Idea – Personalized DVD Slideshow for Home Dads

Father's Day Gift 1
What is the sweetest in a man’s mind? Memory of merry moments. Make a PowerPoint photo show for Father, burn the sweet slices to DVD, watch with the whole family, and keep the best forever and forever.

Kind and patient, sharing and forgiving, a father’s love shapes a child’s life in limitless ways. All in all, think of the activities your dad adores, then surprise him by planning a great gift that shows your appreciation most.

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