Everyone can be Irish on St Patrick’s Day

Posted By Dupont on March 17, 2011
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Interested in the luck of the Irish are you? St Patrick’s Day 2011 is celebrated internationally on March the 17th. St Patrick’s Day is a religious commemoration of the man who converted Ireland to Christianity. It then became a symbol of Irish nationality.

St Patrick was actually born in Scotland, then a Roman colony. He was kidnapped by the Irish in a raid for slaves. When he escaped, he went to England and joined the priesthood based on a vision he had. When he returned to Ireland in 432, it was due to a call to convert the pagan Irish people to Christianity. March 17th is celebrated as the death of St. Patrick, who died in 461.

Over time it has become more of a secular celebration of the Irish and their culture. Now people in many countries besides Ireland, celebrate St Patrick’s Day with parties, feast, music and dancing. Like the Chinese, the Irish have a long history of economic migration, and have settled in many countries around the world, particularly in the USA. Many cities of America celebrated St Patrick’s Day, especially in Chicago the river is even dyed green.

Shamrock, a clover usually with three leaves, is the most famous symbol of St Patrick’s Day for St Patrick once used it to visually illustrate the concept of the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). And it is well-known that finding a four-leaf clover is thought to bring extreme luck. Each leaf of a four-leaf clover has a respective meaning as hope, faith, love, and happiness.

Though a national holiday in Ireland, St Patrick’s Day is likely to be an opportunity to explore one of the most emblematic aspects of Irish culture – getting boozed up in the wider world. The preferred tipple for most people on St Patrick’s Day is a pint of Irish stout, a heavy, black beer, although others may plump for a glass of Irish whiskey.

It doesn’t matter whether you are Irish or not, just join in and experience a bit of the heart and soul of Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget to share your happiness with your family or friends. Upload you video clips to YouTube or burn to DVDs and send out as gifts. Happiness will be amplified while sharing, isn’t it?

On St Patrick’s Day everyone can be Irish, have a nice time!

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