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Posted By Frank on April 22, 2010
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April 22, 2010. Earth Day. Take environmental action now. Broadcast your Environmental ideas with a video presentation. Protect our mother Earth from hazards and pollution.


The start of the year seems to be on with a shadow – Quakes continuously hit the earth, from Haiti, Yushu, California, Chile, Alaska, Oaxaca, to Mexico, Indonesia, and etc. Many lives were killed, many wounded, and many families homeless. Is it a trick? Not seem to be. It is more exactly to say that our earth is getting sick. It aches. It is weak. And it’s chronic. That is what the frequent quakes we get. Who is the one to blame? We humans who live in a modern consumer era are to blame except for the internal movement of the planet.

Now it comes to the time for contemplation and remediation. It is necessary for us to learn to take care of the Earth we are living on. Are you an environmentalist like me? Would you like to share your recycled craft experiences with geeks all over the world? Internet paves us a short cut. To appeal to more people, you can write eco posts on blogs, publish nature photos on Flickr, share Earth slides on Slideshare.net, or simply tweeter environmental messages. But the most attractive method is to broadcast your Earth videos on YouTube. Win a billion of traffic in a week.

Not video-savvy? How about making a video for YouTube using PowerPoint? MS PowerPoint is simple to get started. In addition, a smart tool called Moyea PPT to Video Converter helps you make quality videos easily with PowerPoint.

No programming experience is required to create a video presentation of your Earth Day Activities. Just read on to get details.

Create Earth Day Video with PowerPoint

Part 1: Build your Earth Day PowerPoint project with delicacy

First thing comes first – make a dynamic PowerPoint presentation on Earth Day. Things that you can include in your Earth Day presentation: Animations to flow, Template to style, Pictures to illustrate, Music to background, Flash/Video to enhance, etc.

Here is a list of things Earth Day for your presentation reference:

Earth Day History
Earth Day Environmental Crafts
Earth Day Activities for Kids
Earth Day PowerPoint Backgrounds


  • For text fonts, try big, regular fonts to ensure the audience are able to reach them.
  • For pictures, reduce the size and process it with Photoshop before inserting to PowerPoint.
  • For effects, avoid overuse of the goodies. Otherwise, they will grab your real focus.
  • Once the Earth PowerPoint presentation is done, rehearse for 2 or 3 times to perfect it.

    Part 2: Turn the Earth Day PowerPoint presentation to video for YouTube

    As PowerPoint files are incompatible with YouTube, which is a video hosting site that only accepts video files, you have a further step to take – convert your Earth PowerPoint presentation to MP4 video with Moyea PPT to Video Converter. To burn your Earth Day PowerPoint presentation onto a DVD, take the professional alternative PPT to DVD Burner.

    Brief how-tos:

  • 1. Download and install the .exe file of the PPT to Video Converter. Run the program and add in your Earth PowerPoint presentation.
  • 2. Select the output video file format as MP4 for YouTube. Choose High Quality for clear frame. For custom settings, go to the Video Profile.
  • 3. Ready, click Start to start the process of converting your Earth presentation to video.
  • Take a sip of coffee over the conversion. You should find a MP4 video in the specified output folder. Upload it to YouTube with your account, and invite your friends to share and broadcast.

    Earth Day, Enjoy and Encourage Green Activities!

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