Easy Way to Make a PowerPoint Movie

Posted By Frank on April 8, 2009
in Slides Showroom

Movie simply refers to a moving picture or picture show. And PowerPoint movies are animated shows or cartoons that contain narrations, sounds and dynamic video clips. The PowerPoint-produced movies can be wonderful in stuff as those done with Macromedia Flash.

But what if you want an easy and complete TV, web or iPod access of a PowerPoint movie? As it doesn’t seem to be a real movie that performs professional on big TV or theatre screen, it may be troublesome for you to connect the movie in PPT to those devices unless you turn it into more compatible formats – DVD and video. Of course, you can take the quick and smart assistant, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. With this PowerPoint to DVD and PowerPoint to video converter, all the animations that you have customized with PowerPoint can be precisely preserved in the output video movie.

One of the easiest ways in making a cross-platform PowerPoint movie is the cooperated use of PowerPoint animations and Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. First use a great series of animations to compose your movie elements, and then save to more extensive video for wider share using the reliable conversion software.

Step 1 Compose the animation effects of your movie in PowerPoint

You can download and reuse animations from PowerPoint Heaven, an inspirable place to learn the tricks of the trade in PPT movie. Refer to the detailed tutorials of animation creation at PowerPoint Heaven

Consider the use of the following effects:

Entrance effects: Appear, Fly, Blinds, Box, Checkerboard, Crawl, Dissolve, Flash Once, Peek, Random Bars, Spiral, Split, Stretch, Strips, Swivel, Wipe, Zoom, Random Effects, etc

Emphasis effects: Change Fill Color, Change Font, Change Font Color, Change Font Size, Change Font Style, Change Line Color, Grow/Shrink, Spin, Transparency, etc

Exit effects: Blinds, Box, Checkerboard, Circle, Crawl Out, Diamond, Disappear, Dissolve Out, Flash Once, Fly Out, Peek Out, Plus, Random Bars, Random Effects, Split, Strips, Wedge, Wheel, Wipe, etc

Motion Paths: 8 Point Star, Circle, Crescent moon, Diamond, Equal Triangle, Football, Heart, Hexagon, Octagon, Parallelogram, Pentagon, Right Triangle, Square, Teardrop, Trapezoid, etc

Animation Trigger

Besides, record your voice as narration or insert a sound or video clip to make your presentation more vigorous.

Step 2 Create DVD or video movie using Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

Install the PowerPoint to DVD and video software and import your PowerPoint file. If you want a DVD copy of the PowerPoint movie, select HD or Standard DVD as the output format; and if you prefer watching the movie on the Web or your iPod, set the output option as video.

Next, make custom settings for your output movie or click the Start button to begin converting from PowerPoint to DVD or video movie.

Now you’ve got a DVD or video movie that seems more professional, while well animated as in PowerPoint. To deliver it or to save it, it is all that OK.

For more conversion details of PowerPoint presentation to DVD and video, please see at Tutorials of PowerPoint to DVD and video

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