Easy way to add PowerPoint profile to your website

Ever thought of putting your company profile on web? Exciting! Then how do you make the profile? Plain text or MS PowerPoint? I believe it must be the latter if you really wanna make a hit.

So far as I know, PowerPoint is the best authoring tool to creat an awesome presentation. You can use it to edit a company frofile, add in dynamic animations, video clips or sounds to wow your audiance online. Once it is complete, you’d better convert it to populat flash video that is web compatible (This can be done with Moyea PPT to Video Converter). After that, add the video profile to your website with the strategies below.

1. Embed videos uploaded to other sites This is the easiest way to add a video slideshow to your website. Simply upload to a video hosting website of your choice (eg. YouTube or Vimeo). Then copy and paste the embed code.

This option is really good because

* it’s free
* saves you disk space
* saves you bandwidth

The only disadvantage is the videos will have logo of the hosting site on top of the video.

2. Sign up for a streaming service With this option you upload the videos to a dedicated server which stores and streams your videos. This can be very useful if you want to maintain a high profile image since no other company logo will be displayed on your videos.

You might want to use this if you have a member only website and want to make sure nobody else watches videos (besides your members, that is).

3. Create flash movies and embed them This solution requires a bit of technical knowledge. If you are comfortable using flash you can
* Create a flash movie with Moyea PPT4Web Converter and embed it
* Convert your existing movies into .swf format and download a free flash player(e.g. Moyea Web Player). Then place it on your webpage.

4. Consider a live webcast Your visitors will definitely love this! Thanks to the internet, you can actually broadcast live for the whole world to watch!

There is an amazing service called Mogulus that allows you to host a live show using your webcam. And best of all it’s free.

Disadvantage: The downside is short commercials every 8 minutes or so. You need sign up for a Pro paid service that takes out the commercials.

What you need to rememmber:

a. Don’t put too many videos on one page Your safest bet is one video per page. Create a ‘contents’ page with thumbnails to other videos. Nothing is scarier to a visitor than a cluttered webpage.

b. Do not let the video slideshow auto-play This is especially important if you ignore point 5 above. Yes , it is a cool feature but it will probably do you more harm than good.

c. Make transcripts of your videos If your videos are rich in information, make a transcript of it and place it right below the videos.

That’s it! The strategy should help you make the most out of your new venture.

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