Easter Eggs – Animated Color Egg ClipArts for Your Easter PowerPoint DVD/Video

Posted By Frank on March 29, 2010
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Easter has been for centuries associated with Egg, especially colored egg that is delicately painted. How much do you know about the tradition of Easter eggs? If you don’t have an idea of it, you may get a simple answer from this post. Moreover, you can download free Easter egg clip arts to insert in your Easter PowerPoint presentation before converting to DVD or video for sharing with your family and friends on TV or YouTube.

Basics about Easter Eggs

  • A. Decoration tradition of Easter egg:
    a. Paint your Easter eggs with bright color like sunlight in spring. Apply to Easter-egg rolling contests or as Easter gifts to kids. Or, exchange the colored eggs with lovers, as you do on Valentine’s Day.
    b. Greeks color Easter eggs in red to honor the blood of Christ.
    c. Some Germans and Austrians color Easter eggs in green on Holy Thursday.
    d. Slavic peoples decorate their eggs in special patterns of gold and silver.
  • B. Pysanki eggs
    Pysnki means to design or to write. Easter eggs designed in this manner require great skills and crafts.
    The practice: You get a fresh white egg. Use melted beeswax on the egg. Dip some dye to paint on the egg. Repeat it till your pattern is displayed.
  • C. Hollow eggs
    Hollow eggs are Easter eggs of which the contents are removed and are then dyed with Christian pictures and hung at trees on the festival.
  • Easter Egg ClipArts for PowerPoint DVD/Video

    If you are looking for some Egg clip arts to use in your Easter PowerPoint presentation that is expected to be exported in DVD/video (using tools like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner), take a glimpse below:

    Download Free Easter Egg ClipArts for PowerPoint

    Note: Right click on an Easter egg image to save it to your local computer.

    easter egg 1 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 1

    easter egg 2 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 2

    easter egg 3 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 3

    easter egg 4 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 4

    easter egg5 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 5

    easter egg 6 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 6

    easter egg 7 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 7

    easter egg 8 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 8

    easter egg 9 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 9

    easter egg 10 Free Easter Egg ClipArt 10

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