Don’t Forget Your Mom-Gifts for Mother’s Day 2011

Posted By Dupont on April 29, 2011
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Mother's Day 2011: Date

The annual Mother’s Day is coming soon. Mother’s Day 2011 falls on May 8. The idea of Mother’s Day is great. Showing gratitude and appreciation for the people in our lives, who birthed, shaped, cared, nurtured and taught us right from wrong should be enjoyable and meaningful for all of us. A mother is the person who contributes her life more than anyone else to you. We really shouldn’t ignore our mothers anymore. Have you any ideas on the gifts for your mom? Check these Mother’s Day gifts for saying “I love you, mom”.

1. Say it in cooking

It’s your mother who does the cooking since you began to remember things. She is always busy in the kitchen to make delicious meals. On this Mother’s Day, let your mother have a rest and make the dinner all by yourself. I’m sure your mother will love your cooking from the bottom of her heart. Don’t just go out and eat at a restaurant. Remember, you are not cooking with your hand but with your heart, the heart full with love for your mom.

2. Say it in song

How many hobbies of your mother do you know? Do you know what kind of music she likes? This Mother’s Day, buy your mom a MP3 player like iPod pre-loaded with her favorite songs. Never mind if you don’t know what she likes, start asking your mom who her favorite musicians are now.

3. Say it with your memory

Why not learn from the past when we were writing letters and posting photos to parents? You can still do this now. Besides, you could also send E-card or DVD slideshow as a Mother’s Day gift. Put what you want to say, record you voice and add your photos to make an E-card or DVD slideshow. When the Mother’s Day on Sunday comes, watch the DVD with the whole family will surely be warm and touching.

Mother's Day Card

4. Listen to your mom’s stories

I think most mothers will enjoy sharing their lives’ stories with their children. Ever since growing up, the days when you asked your mom to tell you stories before sleep had long gone. On this Mother’s Day, sit around and listen to your mom’s stories of their lives. It will be meaningful to learn from the stories about your mom herself. It will be educative to know the stories of your family. And it will be funny to know your past in your mom’s memory. This may not be a gift at all. But we can look it as a gift for the spirit.

Mother’s Day gifts are often hard to choose. But do bear in mind that whatever gifts you give to your mom, she’ll surely love it. What matters the most is to show how much you love her!

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