DIY Graduation Videos – Distinctive Graduation Gifts for This Summer

Another annual graduation season is approaching, which is both a solemn moment and an enjoyful thing. What is graduation, and what graduation means to you?

As far as I’m concerned, college graduation is the culmination of all our hard work during our time in university, it is also a mark of our transfering from students to social people. Graduation marks the conclusion of our academic achievements and the beginning of an amazing life journey.

Graduation sceneGraduation 2013 image

As a soon-to-be graduate, no matter of high school graduate or college graduate, one of the most highly stressed stuffs by you must be how to keep your treasurable graduation memory. You must be thinking about holding a grand graduation party, taking some graduation photos, DIY your distinctive graduation videos, creating graduation memory board, or writing graduation memory book and so on. Undoubtedly, every way will be a good graduation gift for a positive graduate. No matter what method, the aim is to keep your lifetime unforgettable graduation memories. While, in view of retaining memory completely and lively, a new idea that goes through my mind is to make graduation videos, and then share the graduation videos with our friends and families. Therefore, video graduation comes to be the prime choice.

Watch video on mobile device image

When talking about video graduation, you may feel a little puzzled and thorny. Does it refers to recording ongoing videos? Yes, but not only this way. In fact, most happy moments are series of photos captured by our own phones or cameras, so it is not a consistent part and seems to lack some vitality. You may say “I can make these photos into a PowerPoint with beautiful background image and music “, sounds a good idea because making a PowerPoint doesn’t cost much time and we can add many of our own elements into it, like background pictures, photos, music, consistent and recorded videos. However, new trouble and headache comes, soon you’ll find you can’t play the PowerPoint on your phone or tablet without using third party software, because most mobile devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry don’t support .ppt or .pptx formats.

Actually, all your worries are needless. An easy way to be recommended is to convert your PowerPoint presentation to video. With a multifunctional PowerPoint presentation to video converter, all will be a small cake. A most favored converter is Moyea PPT to video converter. It is a powerful and multifunctional  PPT to video converter, with which you can convert your PowerPoint to any video formats you desire, such as converting PPT to MPEG, PPT to FLV, PPT to MP4 and so on. And it provides a mass of beautiful Free Education PowerPoint Templates Download. This Moyea PPT to video converter is very easy to use, just five steps as follows:

Step 1: Download Moyea PPT to video converter, install and launch.

Moyea PPT to Video Converter download button

Moyea PPT to Video Converter main interface

Step 2: Import your PowerPoint presentation files.


Step 3: Set output video format, video size or video resolution, video and audio quality.

output video set


Step 4: Customize output effects, such as specifying a default transition time between slides playing, adding a watermark to your video.

Customize output effects


Step 5: Start converting powerpoint presentation to video.

Start converting


Please refer to Moyea PPT to video converter tutorial for specific Operating Instructions.

Just so easy, you have achieved a perfect graduation video from the self-made PowerPoint without a slight loss of original PowerPoint effects. Moreover, the converted graduation videos are individualized and customized depending on your needs, which are more vivid and personalized.

Then you can watch the converted graduation videos freely on your tablets or smartphones without worrying about format limitation. You can also email the videos to your friends, upload them to your Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Homepage, etc.

Make your individual graduation videos and send them as special graduation gifts to your friends or teachers,you just need a few clicks, come on right now!


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