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Posted By Frank on October 14, 2009
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Regular TV marketing of a product may be too expensive for small and medium businesses. Fortunately, there is an economic yet effective alternative – advertising the products or services with DIY PowerPoint DVDs. A PowerPoint DVD is a DVD disk made from PowerPoint that you have scripted your product/service ad lines, so that you can promote it on TV attached with a DVD player. It requires a conversion program to transform PowerPoint to DVD, since the two are incompatible media file formats. Compared with screen capturing software like Adobe Captive and Camtasia Studio, the third-party conversion app Moyea PPT to DVD Burner is a "Cost –less-to-earn-more" choice. In this post, I will cover why make a product ad with PowerPoint and how to create and convert it to DVD in 2 sections.

Why make a product ad with PowerPoint DVD?

The benefits matter. For companies who are in a tight budget in the post-crisis time, it is vital to spend every penny in a wise way. Less cost means more saved. A product ad made in PowerPoint DVD overweighs that by average DVD/video production agencies. Take a glance below:

  • 1. Easier. Composing a product ad with PowerPoint is much easier than video producing tool, which requires a higher command of coding skills.
  • 2. Cheaper. If you have MS PowerPoint, the only cost for your product ad is a small bulk on a third-party PPT to DVD Burner (usu. less than $100) plus a blank disk, far less than the possible expense for an average video production agency (often several hundreds or thousands of dollars).
  • 3. More flexible. In PowerPoint, you can tailor the product ad as random as possible, by adding an animation, a watermark, a movie clip, a mood sound or your very voice-cover. In video production, you will have to suffer a tedious restart of the whole ad if a necessary change on it calls.
  • 4. More objective. Loss of objectivity is one shortcoming of video, as the voice, always subjective, may distract the audience from focusing on the product itself. At that point, PowerPoint does a better job to display your product the way it is by focusing on illustrated images.
  • 5. Once and for more. You pay a video production company for this product ad, and you will pay it for another. Count the accumulated sum. In contrast, you only have to pay once for creation of millions of PowerPoint DVD ads, for the PPT to DVD burner is granted to serve you as long as being installed on your PC. You can roll out new product ads, or update the existing product info, just by synchronizing in PowerPoint and burning to blank DVDs.
  • Seeing such benefits in advertising with PowerPoint DVD, now it is time to discuss details on how to create an ideal advertising PowerPoint show and convert into DVD with the PPT to DVD burner.

    How to create a product ad in PowerPoint and convert it to DVD?

    Part 1 Conceive the product ad in MS PowerPoint

    First, you should set up the theme and outline of your product ad, i.e. subject and key points of the presentation to be.

    Then, collect all the elements that you need for the product ad, e.g. high quality product images, a short video clip on the product, or a recorded voice-cover that matches, anything that may capture your potential customers.

    Later, pick up a fit business template for the PowerPoint ad. Import the selected elements to the product presentation, and arrange them in a logical order.

    Next, take good advantage of the dynamics. Use animations and wipes to add a touch. Avoid overuse, or it will destroy your ad work.

    Last, rehearse the product presentation to see if any improvement is necessary. Check the spellings, the fonts, the effects, and etc, and make sure that the entire presentation is working well.

    Part 2 Convert the product ad presentation to DVD

    You have created your product ad in PowerPoint. To distribute it through TV, you have one more step to take – to burn it to DVD. It is a cinch with the professional Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Just do the following:

  • Step 1 Insert a blank DVD you have prepared to your PC. Download and install the PPT to DVD Burner. After installation, run the program and add in your ready PowerPoint ad file.
  • Step 2 Under the Options tab, check the Create Standard DVD option or the Create High Definition DVD option.
  • Step 3 In the Menu tab, choose a business-themed DVD menu for the product ad. With the Logo feature, you can also brand the ad with your company logo.
  • Step 4 Ready? Click Start to burn the advertising presentation onto the DVD.
  • Wow, go and show the DVD ad on your targeted TV sets! Reach your customers, and their applauses!

    Other Tips:

    Before publishing the product ad, make a survey with a demo of it. You can

    1. Do a research on the DVD product ad to gather typical comments on the product for improvements.

    2. Consult ad professionals to better the product ad.

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