Close Your Cool Presentation with Handouts

A cool presentation often comes with a boom beginning. Yet it can never be called cool given to a poor closing. Clever presenters always manage to extend the effect of their presentation far beyond the podium. Generally, they would close the presentation by leaving a copy as handout to the audience for future use. To the contrary, some speakers seldom give the listeners any copy of their presentation. They may be too careless to consider it, or simply think it a waste of effort to prepare these duplicates.

Don’t handouts of presentation make any sense? Definitely, it means much to both the presenter and the audience. As far as I know, handouts are helpful to give your audience a thorough idea of your presentation. Because you can’t count on them to remember all that you have presented. Or some audiences may be occasional absent of mind when you are speaking. Or some who are late or temporarily out may not stay as long as your entire presentation. Your considerate handouts therefore must be a helpful hand for the audience to review and reuse.

Then, how to make a handout of your presentation? There are two different mediums that are frequently used. One is traditional paper. Summarize the text part on a piece of plain paper, and print, and distribute to every attendant. Use the medium of paper handouts when you are presenting to a small group, or on a casual occasion. The other one is DVD copies. DVD handouts are the beloved of this digital world. Burn all your presentation stuff onto a DVD disc with a PowerPoint to DVD converter, take a stack of DVD copies that clone every subtlety of your PowerPoint original, and give out those copies around once your presentation is over. The DVD handouts are superior to paper ones in that the former reflect utterly faithful and safe to your source presentation, and appeal more to audience of a formal lecture or meeting by showing your respect.

While preparing a handout of your presentation, you’d better keep these tips in mind:
1. Brief paper handouts. It’s annoying for your audience to take a thick pile of papers. So try to summarize the essence of your presentation in one or two pages. Simplicity is the soul of paper handouts.
2. Create neat DVD copies. The DVD copies should be a real mirror of your marvelous presentation. Pick a reliable conversion tool like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner to take the task. Delicacy and accuracy constitute the key value of DVD handouts.

Note: When you distribute paper handouts, don’t do this at the very beginning of your presentation. Otherwise, the audience will lose interest to head on with you as they already know what are going to happen.

Whatever a paper handout or a DVD copy, it supplements your presentation greatly. With the former, you won’t miss out on any crucial point because even if you forget it on the midway, you still have it in the handout. The latter is fine for a sales presentation or business review. Close your presentation with DVD handouts, and get closer to your audience.

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