Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Romantic PowerPoint Movie

Posted By Frank on February 2, 2010
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Though a fortnight afar, Valentine’s Day 2010 has had its appearance in the air of early February. Roses, Chocolates, Cupid, love letters, cards, romantic CDs, crafts, and a vibrating heart that talks. This year, would you like to give a more creative gift to your valentine? A wonderful gift idea is to make a music Valentine movie using PowerPoint and a smart conversion tool like Moyea PPT to DVD Converter.

Things that You Need for a Valentine PowerPoint Video:

  • MS PowerPoint (2003 and above)
  • Sweet photos, cute ClipArts
  • Love songs/music of your favorite
  • Love letters for your honey
  • Microphone if you are to record a narration
  • Blank DVD disc to burn the Valentine movie
  • Moyea PPT to DVD Converter
  • Ready? OK. Let’s go over the easy production of a special PowerPoint movie for your valentine.

    1. Make a Valentine photo album in PowerPoint

    In PowerPoint, click Insert -> Photo Album -> New Photo Album... to import the sweet photos you want to use for the Valentine movie. You can also add in a small valentine clipart heart to achieve more. Still under Insert -> Photo Album, select Edit Photo Album to edit album layout, frame shape and add in captions to a selected photo.

    Note: For quality graphic effect, you’d better optimize the photos before insertion, e.g. compress the size and enhance the visual effect with image editing tool like Photoshop.

    2. Add a PowerPoint Template for Your Valentine Movie

    A soft background is necessary to the love creation. Apply a default theme (Under Design tab), or click the links below to get a simple sweet template for your valentine movie.
    Free Valentine PowerPoint Templates
    Free Valentine PowerPoint Backgrounds

    3. Allocate animations, transitions to the Valentine slides

    You don’t want a static flow of photos, do you? So do not forget to add in a dynamic effect or wipe, e.g. animation and transition to your valentine slides. Meanwhile, avoid overuse of the effects.

    4. Tender Music Talks

    So what is the tone of your Valentine movie? Romantic. Romantic feeling can be invoked by wonderful love music. Insert a favorite love sound for your valentine PowerPoint movie. You can set to play it with a certain effect or from the start to the end.
    How to play a Valentine sound across all the slides?

    5. Record the love letter as narration

    Why not involve yourself in? Your sweetheart must be happy to hear a love letter from you. Wear your microphone, go to Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click Record Narration to start recording the love letter you’ve written for your beloved.

    6. Rehearse the whole Valentine presentation

    Done? No, don’t make it into movie until perfect. Rehearse the whole valentine presentation, and check each element, particularly the animations and transitions, to make it work smoothly.

    7. Finalize the Valentine presentation to movie

    Now it is time to convert the valentine presentation to staggering movie. You need a conversion tool like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner to do that. Download and install the PPT to DVD Burner. After importing your valentine presentation to the burner, you can also do the following:

    * Add a love logo for your Valentine movie
    Use the Logo feature in the converter to add in a romantic love logo for your valentine DVD movie.

    * Frame the valentine DVD with a love DVD menu
    In the PPT to DVD burner, under the Menu tab, choose a love template as outskirt of your valentine movie. Later, you and your lover can watch the holiday movie via a remote control.

    Pop in the blank DVD disc to your PC. Choose the output to HD DVD, make advanced settings, and click Burn to convert and burn the valentine presentation to DVD. A few minutes later, you can get a valentine movie of your own.

    Voila. Imagine how surprised your valentine appears – when she/he watches your love creation on TV with a DVD player on Valentine’s Day.

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