Celebrate Halloween 2009 with DIY DVD Slideshow

Posted By Frank on October 16, 2009
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Create a PowerPoint-based Halloween DVD out of your own hand

The thrilling Halloween, a strong tone of October, has a few days to come – eating candies, wearing costumes, attending parties, ghost tours, bonfires and attending trick-or-treating, all at your choice! Have got in mind how to celebrate the festival? If not, there is an easy and funny way – to celebrate your Halloween 2009 with a scary story made in PowerPoint and finalized in DVD. That is, integrate your computer skills and literature genius, and create a simple ghost DVD movie with ease-to-use MS PowerPoint.

Cannot believe it? It is as simple as you can eat and walk. Here follows a guide:

Things that you need for your Halloween DVD slideshow:

  • MS PowerPoint
  • Blank DVD disk(s)
  • Moyea PPT to DVD Burner
  • Steps that you will take to produce your PowerPoint-based Halloween DVD movie:

    Step 1 1. Structure the ghost story you are to talk about and outline it in PowerPoint.

    How is the Halloween story? What will be in it? These are questions you should take the first consideration. It can be a fun or a thriller, but tell it in a film-like manner, i.e. the text should be brief and tidy. Then, outline the text in your Halloween PowerPoint.

    Step 2 2. Select quality pictures to illustrate or background your Halloween PowerPoint story

    Halloween pictures are essential. If you are to make a text-oriented Halloween slideshow, insert small or medium sized pictures or clip arts to illustrate the text beside them. If the ghost story show is expected to be image-oriented, use the "Photo Album" feature in PowerPoint to import and sort quality pictures (usu. large-sized for high resolution), and add in the text content as captions (or titles) to cover on. Click here to download free Halloween PowerPoint backgrounds

    Step 3 3. Give a thought of music, voice-cover and magic movie clip

    Consider a use of music, a dynamic mood to your Halloween story. For a text-oriented Halloween slideshow, you can back it up with a piece of piano melody. For an image-oriented one, record your very voice to narrate it (With Slide Show -> Record Narration), and take an insert of a interesting movie clip to the slideshow.

    Step 4 4. Adjust transitions and rehearse the presentation once and again.

    Preview the Halloween presentation in Slide Show mode. If necessary, tweak the slide transitions to make all the PowerPoint components be in full play. Rehearse the presentation once and again, until it is satisfying.

    Step 5 5. Burn the Halloween slideshow to DVD with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

    Your Halloween presentation won’t turn into a movie itself. So let’s come to the last step, burn it onto your fix media – the blank DVD. To achieve that, the powerful Moyea PPT to DVD Burner can give you a happy help. The PowerPoint to DVD burning program will convert your Halloween PowerPoint to DVD and burn onto disc as if a real movie, without loss of dynamics! For details in the burning process, see in How to Burn a Halloween PowerPoint Story to DVD

    Astonished by your DIY masterpiece? Come, show it at the coming Halloween party with a DVD player hooked to TV! Just wow your peers!

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