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What you should know about Michael Jackson, Pop of King:

A History of Legends on Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009: Michael Jackson died of heart attack at UCLA medical center, at 50.

2006: Michael was plagued by financial problems since his trial, Jackson closes the house on his 2,600-acre Neverland Ranch estate in California, laying off most of the staff after agreeing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages to avoid a lawsuit by state labor officials.

2005: A judge cleared Jackson of charges he molested a 13-year-old cancer survivor at Neverland in 2003. He had been accused of plying the boy with alcohol and groping him, and of engaging in strange and inappropriate behavior with other children.

2003: ABC airs the British documentary, “Living With Michael Jackson.” Jackson’s comments about allowing kids spend the night in his bedroom prompted authorities to look into his relationships with children.

2002: Jackson playfully dangles infant son, Prince Michael II, over a hotel balcony in Berlin while a throng of fans watched from below.

2001: Michael celebrated his 30th anniversary as a solo artist with two concerts to be held in New York, USA. He released the album “Invincible” so far releasing only 2 singles including the big hit “You Rock My World”.

1997: Michael released the remix album ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ which also contained 5 new song linked with a 38min film “Ghosts”. This film Michael played 5 roles using the latest special effects and make-up artistry, combined with his dance and music.

1995: Released the album “HIStory: Past, Present, and Future Book I.” In August, the song “You Are Not Alone” becomes the first single in pop music history to enter the Billboard chart at No. 1.

1994: Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock legend Elvis Presley. The marriage only lasted for 19 months, as they divorced in 1996.

1993: Jackson revealed in a TV interview that he had an inherited disorder that caused his skin pigmentation to fade. He was also accused of molesting a boy who often stayed at his home. The singer denied any wrongdoing, reached a settlement with the boy’s family, reported to be $20 million, and criminal charges were never filed.

1987: His album “Bad” produces five No. 1 singled and sold at least 22 million copies worldwide.

1985: Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote what becomes one of the fastest-selling singles ever with “We Are the World.” The song was produced to raise money for victims of the Ethiopian famine. Jackson also pays $47.5 million for the rights to more than 250 songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

1984: During production of a Pepsi-Cola commercial, Jackson’s scalp sustains burned when an explosion set his hair on fire.

1983: Jackson electrified the 50 million viewers of the “Motown 25″ television special by singing and dancing to “Billie Jean” while wearing a black fedora, one white glove, and pants that end above his ankles.

1982: His album “Thriller” won a record eight Grammys and becomes the world’s biggest selling record of all time. Along with the title track, it includes the songs “Billie Jean” and “Beat It.”

1979: Jackson’s first solo album as an adult, “Off the Wall,” released. He became the first solo artist to place four singles from the same record in the top 10.

1972: While still singing with the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson put out his first solo album, “Got to Be There.”

1970: The Jackson 5’s first album, “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5,” includes the hit singles “I Want You Back” and “I’ll Be There,” which go to No. 1.

Dec 14, 1969: The Jackson 5 appeared on the “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

1963: Michael began his musical career at the age of 5 as the lead singer of the Jackson 5.

Aug 29, 1958: Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, the seventh of nine children. (Brothers: Sigmund “Jackie”, Toriano “Tito”, Jermaine, Marlon, Steven “Randy”, and sisters Rebbie, Janet and La-Toya Jackson)

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