Can You Add a QuickTime Movie to PowerPoint Presentation?


I tried to put a QuickTime movie file to my history PowerPoint presentation, but finally failed. Is it possible to add such a video to PowerPoint? I use PowerPoint 2007.


Actually, an Apple QuickTime movie (with the file extension .mov) file is not a supportable video format by PowerPoint. You cannot insert it into your PowerPoint 2007 presentation in a direct way. There are 2 alternatives to solving the issue: One is linking the QuickTime movie to PowerPoint, the other is converting the MOV file to a video file format compatible with PowerPoint 2007.

Method 1 Link the QuickTime movie to your PowerPoint presentation

It means that you create a hyperlink for the QuickTime movie in a text or object of your PPT file, and enable the movie by clicking on the text or object. Something like "Play by Click". To create a hyperlink to the QuickTime movie, do the following:

  • a. In the PowerPoint file, go to a text or object where you want to link the movie object to.
  • b. Right-click on the text or object, select Hyperlink.
  • c. In the pop-up Insert Hyperlink dialog, browse from the Look in field to upload the QuickTime movie from your local drive.
  • d. Once you find it, click OK.
  • Now you have made a link to the QuickTime movie. You can play it by clicking the hyperlink when delivering the PowerPoint presentation.

    Also, there are a few shortcomings of this Link To method:

    1. The Apple QuickTime movie won’t play without a manual click on the very link.

    2. When the link is enabled, the QuickTime movie will be played on a new window by a default media player on your PC. It will not be displayed within your presentation.

    3. The link is invalid when your move the PowerPoint presentation to another computer.
    To involve the QuickTime movie in your PowerPoint, you can try the second method, shown as below:

    Method 2 Convert the QuickTime movie to a PowerPoint compatible video file format

    Before the conversion, you should make clear of which formats are supported by PowerPoint 2007. The PowerPoint-lovable video formats include ASF, AVI, MPEG and WMV. Click here to have a closer look at these PowerPoint Compatible Video Formats.

    You can use QuickTime Pro or some third-party video conversion apps, e.g. Leawo Free Video Converter, to convert the MOV file to AVI or any other supportable format. Then, follow the "Insert -> Media Clips -> MovieMovie from File" practice to insert the reformatted QuickTime movie to your PowerPoint presentation. Click here to get more details on how to insert a movie to PowerPoint 2007

    For more exposure of your movie-embedded PowerPoint presentation, you can convert it to video of MOV, AVI, MP4 and more.

    You may also be interested by this quick and smart solution to converting PowerPoint to video of MOV, AVI, FLV and likewise.

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