Big PowerPoint Can Fly on Mini iPod or iPhone if…

That is quite possible! Though PowerPoint is said to be evil in remote distribution, your clumsy presentation can be as nimble as you expect onto a handy iPod or iPhone if you do any of these 3 ways:

  • Save PowerPoint slides as a cluster of images
  • Export PowerPoint presentation to PDF file format
  • Convert PowerPoint to iPod/iPhone MP4 video
  • Put PowerPoint to iPod and iPhone

    It’s obvious that such transformation is necessary as a PowerPoint presentation cannot be displayed directly on iPod or iPhone, while media formats like MP4 encoded video, compressed PDF and plain image formats like JPEG can easily accomplish that. Here follows the details of the three methods.

    How to Prepare PowerPoint for Displaying on iPod/iPhone

    1. Save PowerPoint slides as a cluster of images

    It is the simplest but least adorable among the three methods. Your PowerPoint presentation will be saved as a folder of separate slide images prior to connecting to your iPod or iPhone. Below are the details:

    a. Open the PowerPoint file to be shown on iPod/iPhone. Go to File (Office button instead in PowerPoint 2007) -> Save As -> Other Formats.

    b. In the prompt Save As dialogue box, from the Save as type dropdown list, select an image file format from GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. Click the Save button.

    c. A prompt message appears, asking "Do you want to export every slide of the presentation or only the current slide?". Click "Every Slide". Click OK again when the confirmation massage is displayed.

    Your PowerPoint presentation is now a still folder of slide images, and you can upload these images one by one to the destination iPod/iPhone.

    Note: None dynamic elements including animations, sounds and transitions can be retained to the exported slide pictures.

    2. Export PowerPoint presentation to PDF file format

    To put PowerPoint on iPod/iPhone, you can save your PowerPoint presentation to PDF, a smart file format for cross-platform use. Tools that can help in exporting PowerPoint to PDF include OpenOffice, Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for 2007, PPT to PDF Converter, Acrobat Distiller and more.

    For details of converting a PowerPoint presentation to PDF, please refer to these posts:

    How to Export PowerPoint to PDF

    Create PDF eBooks from Office Applications

    Note: Good as it is for email, the "saving as PDF" way won’t keep any of the dynamic animations or transitions either.

    3. Convert PowerPoint presentation to MP4 Video

    Last but the most efficient, you can choose to convert your PowerPoint presentation to MP4 format containing MPEG-4 encoded video and ACC encoded audio content. Good for playing on a mobile gadget like iPod and iPhone. This time, no longer needs to bother to any loss of animated effects from original PowerPoint when showing on your mini gadget.

    To convert PowerPoint to iPod/iPhone MP4 video, you can rely on such a pro conversion app as Moyea PPT to Video Converter. The PowerPoint to video conversion program can help transform your big PowerPoint file to highly compressed MP4 video (480 x 320 pixels or smaller) ready for iPod/iPhone. See related how-to tips at

    View PowerPoint on iPod

    View PowerPoint on iPhone

    After converting the PowerPoint presentation to sleek MP4 video with dynamic effects, hook it to your iPod/iPhone to test the effect. See, your big PowerPoint now flies freely on your mini iPod or iPhone!

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