Best Android Apps to Improve Your Work and Save Time

Posted By Dupont on August 21, 2011
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The best of part of having a Smartphone is that you will have lots of apps to expand your experience. Some apps are designed for information collecting, some of them for entertainment like music, video and games, while some of them are developed to improve your work and save time. Both Android and iOS platforms have millions of wonder apps, but most of Android apps are free. Before you dive into your packed work and errands, you won’t mind to save a few minutes to watch these productive Android apps.

1. RealCalc

Price: Free


RealCalc can be really helpful whenever you to need to make some quick calculations. It’s quite helpful and will definitely save you time. Plus, it’s got tons of great formulas on board to figure out the most commonly asked thing. Definitely a huge time saver, and lets you leave the pen and paper at home. The app looks and operates like the real thing.

2. Camcard

Price: Free


CamCard (Business Card Reader) is an Android based application. It can capture business card images with your Android’s camera, recognize the card’s content, and automatically organize the recognized result as a contact which it then saves into your address book. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, conference, or any other large scale event where hyper networking is a must, and organization is key, then this app is one that will pay for itself hundred or potentially ten thousand times over. Organizing business cards can sometimes be a pain, especially when you have 10-20 cards to manage every day. You can organize them in a business card holder, but then it becomes very difficult to search a contact when you actually need it. Thankfully, this task becomes very easy with this app, just keep the card on a flat table; take a picture from your Android device camera and the app will do the rest.

3. Note Everything

Price: Free

Do you forget things? I do. Probably, then, you would like to have all your day’s work, schedules, meetings, personal tasks etc., right in the palm of your hand. This app will help you stay connected to important tasks in both your professional and personal life. This multipurpose app helps you remember and recall almost anything that happens in life. Billed mainly as a note-taking app, Note Everything lets users take notes, jot down ideas, and capture snapshots and recordings for later retrieval. One of the biggest features of the app is that that it allows users to instantly synchronize all their notes, images and recordings to and from phone, to the Web, to PC. Very helpful indeed!

4. Quick Office Pro

Price: $19.99

Quick Office

Today, an office suite has become a necessity rather than a need. One can hardly mention the word productivity without thinking of being able to access and edit documents while on the move. Plus, it’s hugely helpful for pretty much whatever line of work you happen to be in, especially given the fast pace of today’s society. Quick Office Pro lets you do exactly that, and is, by far, the Office Suite of choice for Android devices. The app lets users do all their word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, PowerPoint, and PDF viewing on their Android devices very efficiently and easily. Basically users can use their Android devices to do everything a normal PC would do in Microsoft Office, Open Office or any other serious office suite.

5. Diaro

Price: Free

Diaro is a personal diary or journal application targeted at people who want to note down their thoughts, experiences and insights on a regular basis. Unlike a lot of other applications in this list, Diaro is not built for quick note-taking. The interface makes it easy to see which days you wrote, and shows a preview of the entries for each day. You can attach any number of images to each entry, making this a good tool to also capture key moments in a day. Most importantly, all your entries are password protected.

6. Extensive Notes

Price: Free

Extensive Notes

Think of Extensive Notes as the Swiss army knife of note-taking on Android. The application is chock-full of features – some of them not even remotely related to note-taking – I keep coming across new features every time I use it. Aside from a bunch of different note types, you get to-do lists, calculators of various types, unit conversion, Google Translate, lyrics search, album art search… I could go on and on. Just check out the insanely long description in the application’s market page.

7. GTasks

Price: Free


When Google launched its tasks add-on to GMail and then made it available as a standalone service a few months later, a lot of people declared other task list applications DOA. Fortunately for the other applications though, Google has been very slow in adding features and mobile applications to the product. That’s where GTasks comes into play. The application plays as a front-end to your Google Tasks list and bolsters the experience with a solid set of features one only wishes were available in the original Google Tasks on an Android Device. You can swipe across the screen to jump through different task lists and use gestures to interact with the to-do items or change their status to “done”.

8. Gmote

Price: Free


Using your phone as a remote control for your computer is effectively a God-given right, and Gmote’s the best Android apps remote for playing and controlling movies and music on your PC.

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