Back to School 2010: Tips for Teachers

Posted By Simon on August 16, 2010
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With the summer vacation being over, it’s not just the kids who have to adjust to new sleep schedules, a return to harried days and even a worry of how to manage all that homework. Teachers are also under lots of pressure to make back to school a success each and every year. Lucky for you, with a little foresight and planning, you can make the most of summer vacation for an easier return to school.
Here are tips by teachers for teachers to help you get ready for back to school.

  • 1. Housekeeping. Start readying your classroom at least two weeks before school starts, so that you do not feel rushed or overwhelmed. This can include minor repairs, decorations, desk arrangements and even creating your own space in the room.
  • 2. Get the Direction. Ask other teachers about their former students to gain insight, tips and techniques to help manage your new students. This is also beneficial to learn how to work with a new class of parents.
  • 3. Play the Disciplinarian. Reassess your discipline plan and make any updates based on last year’s experiences. Know how you want it to look and how to not only implement it, but make it stick.
  • 4. Plan Ahead, Way Ahead. Make an overview plan of the year for each subject. They don’t have to be deep or final plans, but more like a simple blueprint to keep you on track as the year progresses.
  • 5. Advocate for Teamwork! Meet with other teachers on your team and determine how you will work together. Take the time to get to know the new members.
  • 6. Stock up. Classroom essentials like glue sticks, pencils, erasers, dry erase markers or chalk, and other miscellaneous school supplies will go quickly. Shop back to school sales and dollar stores for good bargains. And always ask or a teacher discount!
  • 7. Plan Ahead for Deadlines. Know when the deadlines are and focus on one thing at a time. Review the school calendar in advance to get a feel for what lies ahead.
  • 8. Buy Good Shoes! You’ll spend most of the day on your feet and you’ll be more comfortable if you invest in quality footwear.
  • 9. Create Boundaries and Enforce the Separation of Home and School. Make sure work isn’t interfering with personal family time by setting a time to leave the school each day, and possibly even setting a late night where you allow yourself to stay late one night a week to catch-up. When at home, determine a cut-off time to stop grading papers or doing other work-related tasks. This also applies for how early or late in the day you’ll meet with or accept phone calls and answer email from parents. Make sure the weekend is reserved for you.
  • 10.Introduce Who You Are and Who They Are. The two most concerned things for the students at the first day of school are to know their teachers and peers well. Therefore, as a teacher, making preparation well to introduce yourself and all the students you know at a cool and impressive way is a must. You can turn to PowerPoint if your classroom is equipped with computer and projector. However, if there is only a TV set in your classroom, you can also play the slideshow after burning it into DVD with some professional tools and make the DVD as a gift to give your students, or you can share the PowerPoint document via video sharing website, such as YouTube after converting it into video.

P.S.: Check more tips for Teachers, Students, and Parents here.

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