Back-to-school Tips for Kids: Back-to-school Advices to Teachers

For teachers back to school, here are also some useful tips and advices on encouraging a kid back to class. As a teacher, you should also get everything prepared so that your kids will have a warm atmosphere to study.

Back-to-school Advices to Teachers * Back-to-school Tips for Kids

A. Organizing Your Classroom

The physical environment of a classroom can either enhance or hinder learning, so it’s absolutely necessary to arrange the classrooms well:

  • Ensure an easy flow of traffic throughout the room and keep high traffic areas, such as those near the teacher’s desk, pencil sharpener, and wastebasket, free from congestion.
  • Make sure you have a clear view of all students at all times.
  • Ensure that students can easily see instructional displays and presentations.
  • Make storage space and materials readily accessible.
  • B. Procedures and Rules

    Procedures tell students how to perform routine instructional and housekeeping tasks and rules tell students how they are expected to behave. So neither of them should be ignored.

    A smooth-running classroom requires as many as 30 to 60 procedures. Examples of such routines include: getting the teacher’s attention; using the pencil sharpener, bathroom, or drinking fountain; moving within and outside the classroom; lining up; storing personal belongings; using learning centers; and taking down and turning in assignments. You should introduce procedures to students over a period of time, as needed.

    Sometimes it’s necessary to modify procedures during the school year to adapt to changes in instruction or the needs of a particular class. Rules apply to areas such as classroom interactions, respect for others and their property, and participation in class. Most rules should be stated positively and are written in broad, general terms that require further thought and interpretation. Rules should be prominently posted in the classroom and should be introduced on the first day of school.

    Here is a example of Classroom Rules: Be Prompt; Be Prepared; Be Polite; Be Productive.

    C. Enhancing Your Expectations

    A positive classroom climate supports student learning, so you may need to create such an environment by communicating high expectations and standards, conveying confidence in students’ abilities, and praising good performance. Incentives, rewards, and recognition should be provided to those highlight appropriate behaviors.

    You also need to consider how the kids will respond when students misbehave. A system of fair and appropriate consequences should be created when students do not cooperate.

    This tip-list is just a reference for teachers and parents to deal with the kids’ back-to-school, more details should be explored and more experiences should be accumulated in practice.

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