Back-to-school Tips for Kids: 11 Back-to-school Advices to Parents

It is time to go back to school again. Kids, parents and teachers may respectively meet different challenges: kids may have to get along with new teachers and classmates, study in bigger classrooms and adapt to the new routines and more schoolwork; parents may need to prepare what kids need in schools both from physical and emotional aspects; teachers may need to arrange the classrooms, establish Procedures and Rules and reinforce their expectations.

Here are 11 back-to-school tips or advices as a reference to parents. As to the advice for teachers back to school, go to the later post Back-to-school Tips for Kids: Back-to-school Advices to Teachers

As a parent, there are proactive steps you can take to support your child as he or she heads back to school.

11 Back-to-school Advices to Parents * Back-to-school Tips for Kids

1. Be interested and enthusiastic about the start of the school year. If you are confident and excited, your child will be too.

2. Take note of how your child reacts to separation. If possible, visit the new setting with your child. Introduce your child to the new teacher or early childhood professional in advance.

3. Arrange a playdate with another child from the program, preferably one-on-one, so that your child will see a familiar face when she walks in.

4. Start daily routines that will add to continuity. Let your child become involved with packing lunch or laying out clothes. Also, begin an earlier bedtime several weeks before.

5. If you have visited your child’s school already, you are one step ahead of the game. If not, take a walk around the school with your child and locate his or her classrooms, lunchroom, playground and restrooms. This will help keep your child from feeling lost on the first day.

6. Always say good-bye to your child. Be firm, but friendly about separating. Never ridicule a child for crying. Instead, make supportive statements like, “it’s hard to say good-bye.”

7. Take time to listen to your child and discuss aspects of the new school that he or she is worried about. Remember to let your child know that it’s normal to feel nervous about the start of school. For parents of younger children, suggest that your child take a family photo or special object to school to make his or her surroundings more comfortable.

8. Spend time each day talking to your child about what happened in school. Put aside your concerns and focus on being a parent.

9. Praise and encourage your child to become involved with school activities and try new things.

10. Attend school functions and stay involved in your child’s education. Children whose parents are more involved with their education have higher achievement, are better adjusted and are less likely to drop out of school.

11. Make a point to learn about how your child develops not just physically, but socially and emotionally, as well. If you are aware of what’s typical behavior and thoughts for your child’s stage of life, you will more readily be able to tell when things may not be right.

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