Back to School Shopping Ideas: 5 Electronics Essentials

Posted By James on July 29, 2011
in Back To School

Electronics have become necessities for students heading to college, before you go shopping for a student’s back to school gear, you may find helpful to take a look at these 5 electronics essentials below that are guaranteed to keep your student productive, connected, and entertained.

1.New Laptop or Desktop PC

A new computer is needed for your academic tasks such as writing a paper, participating in a classroom discussion or entertainment. Buy a desktop PC for better performance or laptop for better portability. To ensure the computer work fine with your school work, buy a good brand for better quality and a suitable computer hardware requirement. Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $1,000.00 for a new laptop or around $500.00 for a desktop model. Computers in this price range should be sufficient and meet all your online learning needs.


Popular tablets like iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, etc are excellent for your school life. It is fast, flexible and you can bring it everywhere. Besides the web browsing, music, movies and games, take PowerPoint presentation as example, you can view PowerPoint on tablet conveniently without the aid of a computer.

5 Tablets for students


Everyone is using Smartphone nowadays; you don’t want to be left behind, are you? A Smartphone is good tool for you to keep in touch with your family, teachers and friends. Besides, it is a wonderful gadget for entertainment, like HD movies and games. The Smartphone now is even more powerful than the computers like 5 years ago. Technology develops really fast!

How to View PowerPoint on iPhone 4?

4.USB Flash Drive

Since so many school projects are now completed on computers, a USB drive makes it easy to save files and work on them anywhere. It is so useful that when you need to hand in your school paper or print your resume you need it. It is also a great tool for storing school materials, small size with large storage.


For students, the software you used the most maybe Microsoft PowerPoint. Whenever your teacher is giving a lecture, he will use PowerPoint. Whenever you are asked to give a class presentation, you will need PowerPoint. Also you may need a PowerPoint accessory called Moyea PPT to Video Converter for you to save PowerPoint as video so that your PowerPoint presentation can be viewed on different PowerPoint versions, computers or even online.

Hope this helped or inspired some of you guys! Probably there are other essentials and we missed a lot. Leave a comment so we could know what you think!

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