Back to School 2011: How to Add Formula and Fraction in Microsoft PowerPoint

As you know formula and fractions are so commonly use in Mathematics and Physics that we cannot get rid of them. However, do you know how to correctly add formula and fractions in Microsoft PowerPoint? For teachers, there will be sometimes for them to use these formulas in your teaching PowerPoint materials or when you are designing the exam paper. Then you should be albe to present formula and fractions like this:

Formula and Fraction

Instead of this, it seems too amateur:

Formula and Fraction-2

Do you agree with this? Obviously the first one seems much more professional and standard. Next let’s take PowerPoint 2007 as example to show the step by step tutorial of how to correctly add formula and fractions.

How to Add Formula and Fraction in PowerPoint 2007

Step 1: Open PowerPoint 2007 and click “Insert” on the ribbon, choose “Object” below.

Add Formula and Fraction in PowerPoint:Step 1

Step 2: A window will pop up, choose “Microsoft Equations 3.0” and click “OK”.

Add Formula and Fraction in PowerPoint:Step 2

Step 3: In the coming up “Equation Editor” window, find “Fraction and radical templates“, it should be the second one on the second row.

Add Formula and Fraction in PowerPoint:Step 3

Step 4: Then choose from these elements and fill in the number, like below:

Add Formula and Fraction in PowerPoint:Step 4

Step 5: Now you can copy and paste this to PowerPoint slide.

Add Formula and Fraction in PowerPoint:Step 5

Hope this simple skill will help you with your work or study! Besides, you can also convert PowerPoint to video for viewing on portable devices like iPhone, iPad or sending to other people with no worry about the PowerPoint versions.

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