Back to School: Great Activities and Crafts for Teachers and Students

Ready to kick off the first day of this new school year with some fun back to school activities and crafts? Here we collect a cool set of back-to-school activities, games and crafts for both students and teachers to play and enjoy.

Part I: Back to School Activities and Crafts for Students

1. School Time
A fun back to school game to introduce kids to the concept of school time, best played with a group of friends or family members for the most interaction and real-life experience. Materials: small chalkboard, chalk, pencils, paper, an area for students, a teacher area

2. Fill the Backpack

This back to school activity requires students to race to place school items into a backpack, mocking the act of preparing for school, which helps preparing a child for the act of getting ready in the morning. Materials: school supplies, miscellaneous household objects, backpack or bag for each kid

3. Mary had a little Lamb Nursery Rhyme activities

The back to school activities Mary had a Little Lamb standup craft or easy lamb craft, coloring pages and more. A fun nursery rhyme for the beginning of the school year or to prepare students for their first preschool or childcare experience.

4. Back to School – Kid’s Olympic Games Theme

These activities can be a lot of fun to have children and educators get to know each other during those first couple of weeks with fun games that address friendship and teamwork. Lots of fun outdoor and indoor activities too!

Printable Materials:
*Olympic Flag of Friends Coloring and Craft
*Olympic Medal Craft
*Olympic Torch Maze
*My "Back to School" Olympic Day Picture frame
*Olympic Games and Sports Posters and Coloring Pages

5. Back to School – School Bus Theme

*Alphabet Letter S School Bus Activities and printable materials
*Online Games at the School Bus Safety Web
*School bus Craft
*Resources for school bus safety

6. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Bookmark Craft and learning learning activities: shapes, colors, citizenship. Discuss taking care of our school. A number of United States public and/or private schools require learning The Pledge of Allegiance in early elementary, usually first grade – these materials can be useful for introducing this topic.

7. My Teacher

These back to school crafts and activities can be adapted to help introduce or reinforce the importance of the role of a teacher and/or caregiver to students. Theme: My Teacher or My First Teacher

Part II: Back to School Activities and Crafts for Teachers

On back to school days, teachers always try "ice-breaker" games and first-day activities to get students geared. Here are some typical back to school activities and crafts for teachers, suggested by Kristin Ketteringham from Associated Content

1. The Human Scavenger Hunt

In this back to school game, you’ll need a set of index cards, one for each student in the classroom. Have the students write down some interesting little factoid about themselves on an index card. Then mix them up and have the students search for the person that matches the index card they receive. You could also write generic facts onto the index cards yourself. The cards could say "has been in a stadium" or "is wearing something pink" or "has a baby brother."

2. True or False

A great way to help your students learn something interesting about each other. Begin the back to school activity by writing three facts about yourself on the board or on an overhead transparency. Make two of the facts true and one fact false. Survey the students to see which fact they believe is the false statement. Go over all of the statements, adding information to the true statements and identifying the false one. Then, students get to write three statements about themselves on a sheet of paper, two that are true and one that is false. Go around the class and go through the same guessing process for each student.

3. The Classroom Book

Read The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown. It is a great book that tells the important things about different objects (a spoon, the wind, an apple, etc.). It has a repetitive form and your students should use that rhythm to create their own "Important Book." Each student should tell a little about themselves following The Important Book’s format. Then you create a class "Important Book" by meshing together every child’s final book page which reads "The most important thing about ____ is that he/she ____." Each child should have their own books to take home at the end of the day and you’ll also have a classroom book that can be read throughout the year.

4. BINGO Scavenger Hunt

Make up BINGO cards for all of your students. Each square on the card has a description (similar to the index cards mentioned in the Human Scavenger Hunt activity). Students walk around the room and get the name of a classmate that fits the different descriptions on the BINGO card. The goal is to fill the entire BINGO card with classmates’ names. You can set a time limit for the activity if it seems like it’s taking too much time. Or you could shorten the activity’s length by seeing who can make an "x" first or some other variation (up & down, four corners, etc.).

5. The Riddle Book

Students will create their own riddle books. They should write four or five statements about themselves, and the last line should read "Who am I?" Once all of the students have their statements down, read everyone’s papers and have the class guess which student those statements describe. Let the student say whether the class is right or wrong.

6. Alphabetical Order

Give students their first assignment. They need to sort themselves in alphabetical order by last name within three minutes. This will get student’s talking and help them to recognize other classmates’ names. For lower grades, have each student wear a name tag to make the activity less complicated.

7. Paper Bag Show-and-Tell

You should send a letter home to students, introducing yourself and telling them about the new school year before the first day of class. Send all of your students a paper bag along with this letter. Tell the students to fill the bag with four of five items that mean something to them or that describe them in some way. On that first day of school you can all sit around and have show-and-tell time. Each student will open up their bag and show the rest of the class their items, explaining why it is important or how it represents them as a person. Don’t forget to bring your own goodie bag so that you can join in on the fun and let your students know a little bit about you.

8. Class Detectives

Give each student at "clue sheet" and go over all of the incomplete statements with the class. Have everyone find a quiet spot where they can fill in the blanks. Statements like, "My favorite hobby is ___," and "The most fun thing I did this summer was ____," could be used on the clue sheet. Once everyone completes their clue sheet, mix them up and distribute an anonymous paper to each student. It’s time for the students to play detective. Have students move around and ask some questions to figure out whose clue sheet they have.

9. All About Me Posters

Students are to draw and color their name on a large sheet of paper or on a piece of poster board. They should add things about themselves, like birthdays, favorite colors, and any hobbies or interests they have. Display these "All About Me" posters around the classroom. For a different take on this idea, have the students draw self portraits instead of their names. Or instead of making posters, have the students create "All About Me" desk plates.

Last but not least, there is another great activity you should not miss for this back to school – DIY a back-to-school video story with PowerPoint. Teachers and students these days like to try new methods of teaching and communication, esp. bringing technology to classroom to make it easy and fun. Imagine teaching math, history, reading and writing in video games! And all that is one mouse click with the assistive Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

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