Back to School Fun: DIY Back-to-school DVD Movie with PowerPoint

Half fun, half fear. That is always what your kids feel in the first week of school. Fun in meeting new friends, and fear of the summer gone-by yet of what’s to come. As teachers and parents, you can plan a colorful series of back to school crafts and activities to shatter the fear and encourage your kids. You may throw a funny film shot at night of the first school day, but I assume it would be more interesting and inspiring to guide kids to DIY their own back-to-school DVD movies with PowerPoint. Since kids are curious to new things, a challenging movie creation may dig their inspiration of crafts, brush up their computer skills, drive out initial back-to-school fear, and rebuild confidence in them. So this new school year, teach your children to make an icebreaker back-to-school DVD movie with PowerPoint and make a shiny start.

What You Will Need:

  • High-def Digital PhotosHigh-def Digital Photos
  • MS PowerPointMS PowerPoint on Your PC
  • Back to School Video/AudioMood Music or Video Clips
  • blank DVD disc for back-to-school movieQuality Blank DVD Disk(s)
  • Moyea PPT to DVD Burner EduMoyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu
  • DVD playerDVD Player or Projector

  • What to Do:

    Generally, this back-to-school DVD movie requires 2 processes – One is to mould in PowerPoint, One is to burn to DVD disc.

    A. Mould back-to-school PowerPoint slideshow

    I recommend MS PowerPoint because it is easy to use for young kids. You don’t need to be a genius to use and teach PowerPoint. Now the first step you are to take is to compose the shape of the back-to-school movie with PowerPoint. Have no idea of the "shape"? It indicates what kind of story you want to develop in the back-to-school movie. It can either be an immediate record of awesome activities on the first school day, or an exotic collection of each kid’s photo memories of the past summer vacation.

    As to the movie story itself, you should associate it with your existing sources: the most basic factor digital photos, the effect accelerator mood music (also background music), or fitting video clips to give more of a touch. Be sure you have enough high-def photos in hand to support a back-to-school movie show (usu. 710 photos per minute).

    When all the materials for the digital project are ready, it’s time to assemble them into PowerPoint. You can use Photo Album in PowerPoint 2003/2007 to add in and edit the photos in order, insert the ready video clip to an expected slide, title the scenes of your movie story, and give a music mood that hits the point.

    After edition, it comes to the second process:

    B. Burn back-to-school PowerPoint presentation to DVD disc

    A slideshow is not enough. Your back-to-school PowerPoint presentation can be playback on a DVD player or projector like a real TV show. All you need is to burn it to accessible DVD with such a cheap but effective app as Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu, an e-Learning program that can burn PowerPoint to SCORM compliant DVD and video at on go. Here is a simple guide of burning PowerPoint to DVD disc.

    a. Pop in a blank DVD disc to your PC if supportable. Otherwise, you will finally get DVD image files of the back-to-school movie that requires another burning app to burn to disc.

    b. Install and launch Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu. Then import the back-to-school PowerPoint file.

    c. Select the output to DVD (either Standard or High Definition). Personalize your back-to-school DVD movie with your individual logo. Also select a proper DVD theme from the Menu tab.

    d. Click Start to burn the back-to-school PowerPoint to DVD (disc).

    For illustrative details of burning a PowerPoint presentation to DVD, see in How to Burn PowerPoint to DVD

    OK. Your back-to-school DVD movie is ready on a disc. Connect it to a DVD player hooked to a large-screen TV, or to your school computer with a projector. Turn the icebreaker movie on, sit back with your kids, and enjoy the fun school day project!

    You may also need these how-tos:

    How to Set Background Music in PowerPoint?

    How to Insert a Video into a PowerPoint File?

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