Back to School 2011: Have a Successful College Life

Posted By Dupont on June 21, 2011
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According to American College Testing (ACT), one in every four college students leaves before completing their sophomore year – and nearly half of all freshmen will either drop out before obtaining a degree or complete their college education elsewhere. So it seems that after entering college, you may still have big problems.

Perhaps you did quite well in high school, for example you were class president or graduated in the top percentile of your class, but it really means nothing at all as you make the transition to college. No matter what you did in high school (success or failure), the college is the beginning of totally new life.


The college life not only teaches you higher grade of academic knowledge but also the knowledge of transition into adulthood. From now on, you need to be more independent and take responsibility of whatever you do. For that is the basic rule of adult world. The decisions that you make and actions you take during the 4 years of college will have a major impact on the rest of your life. So this article will refer to some tools, skills and habits you should develop which can not only help you succeed in college but also in your future career as well.

  • 1. Get to know your roommates. You will see these people here and there for the next years and most of them should have similar experiences, background and emotions with you, so just take the time to get know them will make it a happy start for your college life.
  • 2. Get adapted to new environment. Maybe it’s the first time when you leave your parents and study in another state; you may get homesick and feel lonely. So try to get adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. Among all the solutions the best is to make new friends.
  • 3. Stay healthy. Get enough sleep, get up early, take exercise and eat right to stay healthy and keep fit. Lots of students play too late at night, this is not good for health. Besides, try to eat less and do some exercises to avoid put on weight.
  • 4. Make plan and manage your time. In high school, the teachers will tell you what homework to do and when to hand in. You don’t have to think about plan or time thing, just follow the teachers’ saying is OK. But in college, the professors often post assignments for the whole semester and you need to make the plan on how to use your time to finish the work.
  • 5. Find the ideal place for you to study. In college you have no settled classroom so find your own ideal place to study to avoid distractions like a cozy corner of the library or the stone stool under the trees.
  • 6. Attend the class. This should be the most important job for students, but how many of you did this job well? Sleeping in class or skipping the 8 AM class is common in college. Go to sleep earlier and get up earlier. It is a good lesson of self-discipline and for the best of your health and study.
  • 7. Seek a balance. In college you’ll get to know both social and academic trainings, but time is so limited that you need to find a balance. Like the motto says, “Study hard so we could play hard”.
  • 8. Strive for good grades. Your good grades in high school means only the past and now in college you need to new grades. The good grades in college will help you a lot when you are seeking a job before graduation.
  • 9. Be brave to choose your own career. Don’t feel pressured when you see others seem to know what they’re doing, actually they don’t – they just pretend to be calm and they feel exactly the same with you.
  • 10. Create a budget. You’ll need to learn one of the main themes of life – finance, in college. Find your ways to make the ends meet like spend cleverly or get a part-time job.

Obviously the above tips cannot contain all the aspects of college life. So if you have more ideas, please feel free to speak out and share with us. A good choice is to make a PowerPoint slideshow and you can also convert it to video to upload to YouTube or alike so that you will harvest the satisfaction and happiness for thousands of college students will learn a lesson from you.

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