Back to school 2010: When Your Child Encounters Bullying

Posted By Simon on August 18, 2010
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People often think of a school as a small society, where is also full of dissension and conflicts as the “big” society which the kids will step in one day. Certain social acceptability, judgment, and coping skills are the necessary capacities they should develop from an early age.

As the fresh start of new school term, many problems come to the fore again, such as bullying. Bullying is when one child picks on another child repeatedly. Bullying can be emotional, physical, verbal, or social. It can happen at school, on the playground, on the school bus, in the neighborhood, or even over the Internet.

For the parents, bullying is the problem that cannot allow to be ignored, for the effects of bullying can be serious and even fatal. Statistically, there is a strong link between bullying and suicide. Here are some tips on bullying for your reference only.
When Your Child Is Bullied

  • Help your child learn how to respond by teaching your child how to:
    1. Look the bully in the eye.
    2. Stand tall and stay calm in a difficult situation.
    3. Walk away.
  • Teach your child how to say in a firm voice.
    1. “I don’t like what you are doing.”
    2. “Please do NOT talk to me like that.”
    3. “Why would you say that?”
  • Teach your child when and how to ask for help.
  • Encourage your child to make friends with other children.
  • Support activities that interest your child.
  • Alert school officials to the problems and work with them on solutions.
  • Make sure an adult who knows about the bullying can watch out for your child’s safety and well-being when you cannot be there.

When Your Child Is the Bully

  • Be sure your child knows that bullying is never OK.
  • Set firm and consistent limits on your child’s aggressive behavior.
  • Be a positive role mode. Show children they can get what they want without teasing, threatening or hurting someone.
  • Use effective, non-physical discipline, such as loss of privileges.
  • Develop practical solutions with the school principal, teachers, counselors, and parents of the children your child has bullied.

When Your Child Is a Bystander

  • Tell your child not to cheer on or even quietly watch bullying.
  • Encourage your child to tell a trusted adult about the bullying.
  • Help your child support other children who may be bullied.
  • Encourage your child to include these children in activities.
  • Encourage your child to join with others in telling bullies to stop.

If you think that those tips are useful, you can make some publicity materials about bullying in the format of brochure, or PowerPoint presentation, and provide them for other parents in your community. What’s more, you can burn the PowerPoint to DVD to provide more people, or convert the PowerPoint to video with some conversion tools to share them via YouTube or the like.

P.S.: Check more tips for Teachers, Students, and Parents here.

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