Back to School 2010: How to Make Friends at a New School

Posted By Simon on August 24, 2010
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Friends are the persons who you can trust, who do not blab your secrets, who look out for you, stick up for you, and always are your side, and who they put your needs above their own. In a sense, friends are your life-jackets in the shipwreck of school — without them, you could sink.
Therefore, when the new term begins, or when you go to a new school, how to make friends is a very important question that you should face. Here are some tips for you to make acquaintances in a new school.

  • 1. Be yourself. To make friends all you have to do is to be yourself. Never change who you are to try and fit in. If your friends don’t accept you for you, they’re not really friends.
  • 2. Make sure you are kind to whoever you meet at the new school. Try to be nice to every one of all cultures and backgrounds.
  • 3. Be inviting. A smile goes a long way. When you walk in the halls, don’t hunch over your books or keep your eyes on the floor. Stick your chin up and make eye contact with other people. If you see someone you know, give a smile or say hi. Introduce yourself. Tell them your name and where you’re from. Ask a question: “How’s the cafeteria food around here?” Chat about the new school: “How long have you gone to this school?” or even a compliment “I love your shoes, where did you get them?”
  • 4. Make the first move. Anywhere, in the bathroom, near your locker, or at the water fountain, you can find someone that has things in common with you; all you need is to know how to approach them. Strike up a conversation, smile and compliment them, and, of course, introduce yourself and tell them where you came from! You never know where you can find a nice friend.
  • 5. Do something nice for someone. Save someone a seat. Say “hi” in the hall. Give congratulations for a job well done. Pay a compliment: “I love your shoes/backpack” It can make wonders.
  • 6. Join after school activities you like. Choir or theater or hang around for a French club meeting, etc. Even if you don’t know anyone there, you’ll all share a common interest, and you can experience with different personalities from yours that have the same interest!
  • 7. Don’t sit at the back of the class where other people don’t notice you! Try to sit in the middle where you’re around everyone and can make conversation.
  • 8. Figure out who the “mean girls” or the “hot-headed jocks” are. These are the people that you might want to avoid for a while. Don’t be mean to them and don’t completely avoid them, because who knows, they may be nice people! Also stay away from the types that are in gangs and do criminal activities.
  • 9. Don’t let people tell you you’re a loser because you’re not. What is most important is what you think of yourself rather than what others think. Finding good friends is tough, and sometimes nearly impossible. Look for people who like you for you.
  • 10. Quality over quantity. Don’t automatically assume that the more friends you’ll have, the happier you’ll be. A few close friends can lead to richer relationships than a large but impersonal group.
  • 11. There’s someone out there looking for a friend just like you; don’t be afraid to go up to someone and say: “Hi!” If they don’t seem like your type, that’s okay. There are tons of people out there who could be your best friend!
  • 12. Join or form a study group. This is a quick way to make (potential) friends, establish and multiply your network, and get timely academic support.
  • 13. Joining a club or sport is a GREAT way to make new friends and then get really close to them.
  • 14. Don’t be shy. It makes it harder for people to notice you and no one likes the mouse in the corner. Don’t be over energetic either; just be calm and act as if you were with your old friends.
  • 15. Don’t listen to gossip or possible rumors. If you don’t know the person, then you can’t determine whether you like them or not from hear-say. Meet the people for yourself so you can determine whether they are the kind of people you want to be friends with.
  • 16. Don’t try too hard. This really falls under the category of changing yourself in order to seem more attractive to others. Don’t fake interest, or cling on to people you want to be friends with. Be natural and friendly, but don’t overdo it. Be patient. Even if they don’t notice you at first, they may turn out to be the best friends you’ve ever had.
  • 17. Be careful, you don’t want to make someone mad by going up and talking to them. If it looks like they are in a bad mood, it’d be a good idea to stay away! Even if you are the caring type that likes to help those on distress, people don’t usually like perfect strangers asking them personal questions, sorry.
  • 18. Don’t show-off a lot, because some people don’t like boasters, so be a normal kid, then when you get a friend you can tell about your interests! Though, if you happen to be an intelligent person who naturally participates in class, don’t hinder yourself merely for the sake of others. Likewise, if you have talents in other areas, such as music or physical activities, by no means should you hold yourself back. But you must be careful; otherwise people will assume you are conceited.
  • 19. When you get a friend don’t boss them around, because they would not like someone else telling them what to do.
  • 20. When you get a friend, don’t monopolize the conversation. If it is obvious that they would like to steer clear of a certain topic, then respect that!

I hope these tips can do something helpful for you to make friends in a new school. Remember that just be yourself! Make everyone like you for you, not a person you’re trying to be. Meanwhile, you can get acquainted with the friends who are in the same camp through Blog, Facebook or Twitter. You can introduce yourself inside out with the help of PowerPoint presentations, or convert it to video, and then embed it on your personal page or upload it to YouTube to share with more people.

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