Away from Swine Flu: Make a Health Presentation for Public

Posted By Frank on April 27, 2009
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Human flu and bird flu are not foreign to us. Recently, we are experiencing a new epidemic – swine flu or swine influenza (later renamed as A H1N1).

According to the report from BBC, swine flu is a respiratory disease that caused by influenza type A which infects pigs. The disease has many types and the infection is constantly changing. Although it has not normally infected humans until now, the latest form clearly does, and can be spread from person to person – probably through coughing and sneezing.

swine flu

Infection control experts are trying to respond to the current cases of swine flu in US and Mexico. What can we ordinaries do to fight against the dangerous disease? There are many effective measures to take, e.g. keeping clean, being away from such patients or getting a treat if infected. Another good idea is to play as a messenger, telling the harm of the crazy swine flu to those who are not aware of it. Here are some suggestions of sending your kind message.

Click to download this swine flu PPT

Number one, make a health video presentation and put it on the Web.

If you are an enthusiast of public services, you can take the method. Compose the content of the swine flu with PowerPoint, a great tool to make your presentation professional looking. Remember to include concrete info on the disease, particularly on the danger and the measures. Then convert the health presentation to web-ready video with Moyea PPT to Video Converter. That is because presentations in video are friendlier to a website than in PowerPoint itself. Finally, publish the health video to YouTube, MySpace, your blogs and podcasts.

Number two, create a DVD slideshow of swine flu and display to your audience.

It will apply well to families, schools and organizations, where exist a frequent exposure to public activities that may turn on a high risk to suffering swine flu. The little and the old, relatively weak in constitution, are more likely to suffer swine flu. Hence, it is very essential for those in charge of the above groups, e.g. parents, teachers and executives, to deliver an immediate presentation on the disease for prevention.

Use PowerPoint to organize your idea on the A H1N1 epidemic, for instance, add graphics and pictures to illustrate what is swine flu, how dangerous it is, what we can do to stay safe, etc. To play the health presentation on TV or another computer, save it to a DVD disc using Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Such conversion is necessary as PowerPoint is not support by TV and your PowerPoint presentation may encounter a version problem on a different computer. Last, share the DVD health slideshow with your family, students, or colleagues.

Swine flu (A H1N1) itself is nothing to fear unless we have a complete control of it. We cannot control the disease before get a though idea of what it is. A health presentation is therefore worthy once we deliver it in time to whomever we love and care.

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