How to add your logo during the process of PowerPoint to DVD/Video conversion

FIFA World Cup 2010 is near the end, but the pleasure it has brought to us is endless. Making the PowerPoint presentation for your favorite squad (or soccer/football star) is such a meaningful thing.
However, when you plan to share your pictures or videos with others on the Internet, you would like to add some marks or logos on them to aid and promote instant public recognition, or even to stake your claim.
Therefore, I will explain how to add your individual logo onto your creation when you use Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro. Let take the PowerPoint-to-DVD conversion as an example.
Diego Armando Maradona, an Argentine former football player and the manager of the Argentine national team, is widely regarded as one of the best football players of all time, even though the Albiceleste suffered from devastating 4-0 loss against Germany in the World Cup quarterfinals several days ago.
I have made a PowerPoint presentation about Maradona, and plan to choose the Argentina national team logo as the logo to be added.
Here is the detailed tutorial and accompanying screenshot to help you be familiar with the aforementioned function.
Step 1 Click Logo to add logo and set video layout (it is on the promise that you have imported the PPT file and finished Options, Menu and Music settings in turn).
Step 2 Click Add to import your logo.

Step 3 Click-drag the center of the shape to change its position, and drag the bounding-box to resize it.
In addition, you can also adjust the Alpha value, Transparent Color and the Tolerance of the Transparent Color as needed. Click Default to restore the default original settings, and click Reset to move back to the previous setting step.
Step 4 Click Video Layout tab to adjust Margin Size, choose the Margin-Fill picture and set other options.

Step 5 Click Burn when all operations are completed.

Step 6 Play the burned DVD file, and you will find that the logo has been marked. (The watermark of Moyea Media is auto-added in trial version)


1. To convert the presentation to video, change the output option as “Convert to Video”.
2. Here is a picture containing all the team logos of participants in FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa that you can make selection.


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