A Photographic History of Michael Jackson’s Face

Posted By admin on June 26, 2009
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Michael Jackson is the entertainer par excellence, the King of Pop and the emperor of controversy. A man experiencing more facial surgeries than other celebrities.

Let’s take a tour of his everchanging face.


Jackson was hit with Lupus and Vitiligo in the 1980s, making his skin paler and sensitive to light. Speculations are that in an attempt to control this disease and its apparent effects, Jackson took drastic measures, and the colour of his skin changed from black to white.


Michael underwent his first rhinoplasty as early as 1979, but that was due to a broken nose after a nasty fall during a concert.


In 1986, Michael Jackson got a cleft surgically put on his face. Apart from this, he has had four rhinoplasties done. While he denies it, some experts claim that he has even got his eyes surgically altered.


Michael Jackson appeared completely white (and possibly with pancake makeup on) during his television broadcast denying accusations of child abuse.


Another reason why Jackson’s appearance changed drastically was because he wanted a ‘dancer’s body’. As a result he changed his eating habits in a major way, turning vegetarian and cutting the amount he ate. According to reports he stopped eating post the child abuse accusation. There was a point when he weighed just 48 Kg.


To add to his problems, Michael Jackson also became addicted to drugs. It started with taking pain medication, which ultimately lead to his addiction and deterioration of health and weight loss.


One doctor said that his nose started appearing unreal because, “In his zeal to have this sharply defined nose, he’s had so many things done, the tissue is no longer able to withstand it. The skin is so thin from operations that the bone or cartilage or silicone implant is pushing through.”


Apart from the problems with the nose, dermatologists claim that Michael Jackson has used Botox injections for his forehead, had his chin altered, and also used an illegal hydroquinone compound to lighten his skin.


Some even claim that his nose is no longer made of his own tissue but is prosthetic. This picture was Michael Jackson at his latest public appearance when he announced his comeback tour. Apparently, this look is not good enough and more surgery is required to get a better look. Though on June 27, 2009 he passed away, his constantly changing face will keep alive in our memory forever.


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