A Graphic Illustration on How to Save PowerPoint as YouTube Video Using Windows Movie Maker

You know if you want to share your PowerPoint presentation on YouTube, you should first save it as YouTube accepted video formats. In this article we know how to convert PowerPoint to YouTube video using PowerPoint to video converter. You can also save PowerPoint as YouTube video for free using Windows Movie Maker.

This tutorial is a graphic illustration on how to save PowerPoint as images and then make a video in Windows Movie Maker for uploading to YouTube for sharing with other people. Follow these steps and enjoy:

Click “Save As” in PowerPoint

1. Click “Save As” in PowerPoint

Choose an image format as file type

2. Choose an image format as file type

Save “Every Slide” as image

3. Save “Every Slide” as image

All slides saved

4. All slides saved

See all the images

5. See all the images

Run Windows Movie Maker

6. Run Windows Movie Maker

Click “Import pictures”

7. Click “Import pictures”

Select all the images and import

8. Select all the images and import

Images are imported

9. Images are imported

Show Storyboard

10. Show Storyboard

Change options

11. Change options

Drag to Storyboard

12. Drag to Storyboard

View transitions

13. View transitions

Add transitions

14. Add transitions


15. Preview

Add background music

16. Add background music

Place the music to Storyboard

17. Place the music to Storyboard

Timeline view

18. Timeline view

Trim the music

19. Trim the music

Save Movie File

20. Save Movie File

Save Movie Wizard

21. Save Movie Wizard

Saving movie process

22. Saving movie process

Upload to YouTube

23. Upload to YouTube

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