8 Tips to Fight Against Fear of Delivering Your Class PowerPoint Presentation

Although you have done a perfect job on your class presentation itself, even finalizing it in safe video or DVD after built with the functional and formal PowerPoint, you may be too nervous to control the flow of your project when speaking in front of your class and peers. You are suffering the so-called "Glossophobia", i.e. the fear of public speaking. And you don’t have to feel embarrassed on that – it occurs to 3 out of 4 presenters.

To relieve your stress on real-time performance, here I would love to introduce 8 tips on the delivery issue, also as an supplement of the class presentation creation and distribution tips that revealed in the posts "Create and Distribute a Class PowerPoint Presentation (I) & (II)".

8 Tips on live delivery of a class presentation (in PowerPoint, DVD or Video)

1. Dress formally. A neat, clean and professional dress does add confidence in you when you stand in front of your audience. When you wear appropriately, you are more likely to being calm and confident. The more confidence you have, the less fear you suffer. And when you look good, your coming presentation probably captures the listening ears.

2. Voice clearly. Speak clearly and loudly and have inflection in your voice. Be sure that every attendant can hear you, and that every detail of your message can reach him or her, especially in a big lecture hall. Avoid mumbling – remember you are going to engage your class, not to lull them to sleep.

3. Make eye contact. Never forget to make eye contact with your class and peers. Stop staring at your computer or the floor. Otherwise, you will bore your audience. Relax and think they are your friends, just imagine it is a light chat in an afternoon-tea party, and always invite their attention to your topic.

4. Be your real self. Personality is a key to makes one outstand. Keep in mind one thing: this is your presentation, not your peer John’s or Mary’s. So show your true taste to the audience with your class presentation. If you are a person of humor, then be humorous this time; if you are someone of skepticism, just keep your skeptical manner.

5. Smile is always an aid. Smile can help melt a serious mood at the beginning of your class presentation. Smile means you feel wonderful to tell them something you find good. Nothing works better than a warm smile when you make a tongue slip, or forget a word of your presentation. Your class will forgive a minor mistake in exchange of your sincere smile.

6. Act as a professional. Now you dress in a professional manner like your teacher, behave like a real expert. It means that you should discuss questions raised by any of your classmates, give supporting evidence to your opinion, try to attract negative audiences and encourage interaction with them. You can also ask them questions or leave a few minutes for Q&A session at the end of the class presentation.

7. Stay within the assigned time. The prerequisite is practice your class presentation in advance. Limit each key point within an assigned time. Know which are the major points and which are the minor and make immediate modification according to that. Your peers won’t stick to your ideas when class is over.

8. Good start, good end. Your conclusion is your final impression while the introduction is the first one. If you don’t want to fall short of success, enhance the ending of your class presentation. You can close it by citing something innovative or summarizing the major points covered in the body of the presentation (post-organizing) and providing a sense of closure.

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