6 Methods to Insert YouTube Video into PowerPoint

As the most popular presentation tool, PowerPoint can also be viewed as a powerful multimedia tool. After years of evolution, PowerPoint now not only allows users to add photo or music to the slides but also embed Flash or movies into the slides. In fact, embedding videos into the slides has become an efficient skill to make the PowerPoint presentation impressive and persuasive. However, unless one can get a way to insert YouTube video into PowerPoint, getting a reliable video source will be quite troublesome. Then can it be done? Can YouTube video be played in PowerPoint? Yes, of course.

Though various methods can be employed to manage the task of inserting YouTube video into PowerPoint, only six of them will be covered here. Most of the six methods provided are based on the functions of Microsoft PowerPoint. Since each method has gained their own advantages, users can choose the most suitable one to manage the insertion of YouTube video into PowerPoint.

Method One: Shockwave Flash Object
YouTube needs Adobe Flash Player because most YouTube videos are published as Flash files. To this extent, users can insert YouTube video into PowerPoint with the help of Shockwave Flash Object.

Step 1: Open the YouTube video, click “Share” button and choose “Embed” tab. Check “Use old embed code” box to display the embed code. Then copy part of the URL address from the embed code.
Embed code of YouTube video


Step 2: Click “More Controls” icon, choose “Shockwave Flash Object” in the panel and then click “OK” button.
Shockwave Flash Object


Step 3: Select the area for the YouTube video, right click the area and then choose “Property” option in the drop-down menu to get to Property panel. Type the URL of the YouTube video to “Movie” bar and press “F5” to preview the YouTube video.
Paste the URL address


Method Two: Insert YouTube directly


As time goes by, PowerPoint is becoming better and better. As the latest version of PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2010 even enables users to import videos from the web. However, the inserted YouTube video only works when users have installed the latest version of Windows Media Player.


Step 1: Open the YouTube movie and then find the old embed code of the video.


Step 2: Open the PowerPoint presentation, click “Insert” tab and “Video from Web Sites” option in the drop-down menu of “Video” icon. Then past the embed code to corresponding panel and click “Insert” icon.

Import web-based video


Method Three: YouTube Video Wizard


YouTube Video Wizard is a plugin exclusively designed to help users embed YouTube video to PowerPoint. After downloading and installing the plugin, users can manage the insertion of YouTube with just a few clicks.


Step 1: Download and launch YouTube Video Wizard. Open the PowerPoint presentation, click “Insert” tab and choose “YouTube Video” icon.

YouTube Video Wizard


Step 2: Then paste the URL of the YouTube video and click “Next” button. Also one can set the size of the YouTube video and the position of the YouTube video in the slide.
Paste the URL of the YouTube video


Method Four: Convert YouTube video to AVI


Since AVI video is supported by PowerPoint, a feasible way to play YouTube video in PowerPoint is to convert YouTube video to AVI movie. When the conversion has ended, users can click “Video” icon in “Insert” tab and choose “Video from File…” option to import the YouTube video as a local movie. Of course, the insertion of YouTube calls for some waiting time if the file is a large one.

Import local AVI video


Method Five: Make PowerPoint with Sliderocket.


As one of the most powerful alternative app to PowerPoint, Sliderocket is a web-based presentation tool that not only supports the importation of YouTube video, but also the exportation of PowerPoint. Therefore, users can insert the YouTube video into the presentation with Sliderocket and then export the presentation as PPT file. However, the exportation service charges.


Step 1: Open the web page of Sliderocket, click “Video” icon to enter into “Add Media” panel.  Choose “YouTube”, type the URL of the YouTube video to “YouTube URL” bar and press “Enter” button.

Paste the URL address of the YouTube video


Step 2: After that, click “File” button and then choose “Export…” option in the drop-down menu. Check “PowerPoint Presentation” box and click “Export” to make the output file a PowerPoint presentation.

Export presentation as PowerPoint


Method Six: Insert YouTube in Google Doc


As another alternative tool to PowerPoint, Google Doc also provides a solution similar to that of Sliderocket to help users insert YouTube video into PowerPoint. The solution of Google Doc is a free one with easier operations.


Step 1: Open Google Doc and click “CREATE” button to create a Presentation. Click “Insert” tab and then choose “Video…” option. Then search the YouTube video with the searcher bar and double click the video to manage the insertion.

Search for YouTube video


Step 2: Click “File” button, choose “Download as” and then select “Microsoft PowerPoint” option to download the presentation as a PPTX file.

Download the presentation as PPT

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