5 Tips to Prepare a Wonder Graduation Party 2012

Posted By Jane on May 16, 2012
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Graduation Party 2012

Are you about to graduation from high school or college this summer? Have any ideas on how to plan an amazing party for graduation 2012? Graduation party is a big milestone celebration honoring a hardworking grad. Usually we would hold graduation parties for high school graduations and college graduations. However, now graduation parties are also common for middle school or even preschool graduations. No matter what type of graduation party you are planning, it will never be wrong to learn these tips to help you prepare a wonderful graduation party.  

1. Set the budget

Are you planning a large graduation party or a small dinner? Like any other parties, this an essential first step. Begin by deciding how much you can spend and then check around for prices of different things you would like to have or do. Write it all down! It is important that you not try to keep all of this in your head as you may forget an important bill. So set a budget will help you plan all the other things fast and easier.

2. Who will attend the party

Determine the guest list is one the early items for graduation party planning. The size of the guest gives you advice on where and how to prepare the party. Typically, a graduation party guest list includes family and friends of the family. It also includes the graduate’s friends and their families.

3. When will the party be held

This can be harder than you think and should coordinate so that the most people can attend. Write down a few options or ideas and start calling those you would like to see come. Narrow down your choices until you have a date that suits the most people.

4. Where will the party be held

Here are 3 options for you to choose, depending on your budget, the party date and how many people will attend. If there are really lots of people, you may need to rent a hall and most halls have great services which will help you a lot. Restaurant, a good choice for it is easy plan and the restaurant does most of the work for you. For small attendees, the best choice should be your own house. It is the only place that gives your opportunities to make the graduation party really special.

5. Purchase graduation party supplies

Paper products, decorations and invitations, are just a few of the things you’ll need for the party. Be sure to price out these things and write them down on your budget.

  • Create a list of the types of supplies you will need.  Remember to include all paper/plastic goods on your list, such as napkins, plates, silverware and cups.
  • Consider buying plates and cups in multiple sizes. This will allow guests to take a smaller glass of wine or a larger cup of soda.
  • Have extras when it comes to supplies. Guests may throw away their plate and cup and take a second one, so have plenty on hand.
  • Select a centerpiece to decorate the table and other decorations for the walls, such as a congratulations banner or sign.
  • You might put together cute party favor bags as a thank-you for guests.
  • Don’t forget stationery. You will need invitations and thank-you notes.
  • Look at the different graduation-themed supplies available to see what you like.
  • Browse at discount houses, stationery stores, party shops and online shopping sites to see the selection of graduation supplies on the market.
  • Compare prices. You can often save money on these types of supplies if you look at sales and off-price stores, where you might pay considerably less than market value.
  • Begin shopping a while before you need the items so you will have time to look around and find just the right items for your event.

After the graduation party, don’t forget to thank all the guests for coming. You can simply send them a thank-you note, but why not create the graduation party DVD slideshow for reviewing and permanent preservation?

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