5 Tips on Making Impressive Hanukkah PowerPoint for Kids

For most people who are preparing colorful Christmas light, well-decorated Christmas tree and joyful Christmas celebrations for Christmas 2012, they are unaware of the arrival of Hanukkah 2012 which will end on December 12th. Less influential than Christmas as it is, Hanukkah is still the most important festival in Jewish countries. However, a trouble to Jews is that the invasion of Christmas has threatened the culture of Hanukkah. Therefore, many Jews may eager to find a way to keep Hanukkah spirits to young generations.     



As an important cultural communication tool, PowerPoint can be employed to manage the task. With impressive Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids, Jews are allowed to publicize the knowledge of Hanukkah to kids in a funny and interesting way. Of course, an impressive Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids shall not only provide a panaromatic view of Hanukkah with brief words, but also be attractive and innovative enough to draw the attention of kids. Therefore, five tips on making impressive Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids are provided.


Introduce Hanukkah history

Tips 1: Introduce Hanukkah history in brief words


Brief introduction to the history of Hanukkah is the first element to an impressive Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids because most kids love historical stories but hate wordy slides. Though Hanukkah history is important to help kids understand the spirits of the festival, it can’t be explained in just a few words. Therefore, just pick out one or two must-know stories of Hanukkah past for the slide. For example, Festival of Lights is originated from the eight-day miracle of an ancient Holy Temple. The more important story you have choose and the more efforts you have paid to make it brief, the more impressive for kids the Hanukkah PowerPoint will be.


Illustrate Hanukkah symbols

Tips 2: Illustrate Hanukkah symbols to kids


Every festival gets its own festival symbols which can stand for the historical events or the spirits of the festival. On Christmas, people get Christmas tree and on Hanukkah, people get Hanukkah menorah.  Hanukkah symbols are important components of Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids because they have the ability to arouse kids’ interest towards the myths of the festival. Therefore, illustrate Hanukkah symbols in the slides of Hanukkah PowerPoint instead of explaining them in words. Funny photos not only make Hanukkah symbols easy to be remembered by kids, but also add more charms to the Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids.


Utilize Hanukkah songs

Tips 3: Employ Hanukkah animated movies and songs in an efficient way


Children love animated movies and popular songs. Therefore, an impressive Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids shall take full advantage of this point.  Those Hanukkah-oriented animated movies or songs can draw the attention of those distracted kids back to the PowerPoint presentation and turn the boring Hanukkah lecture into an entertaining experience. However, make sure you have inserted the appropriate movies into the PowerPoint. For example, you can take full advantages of Hanukkah movies like Lights: The Miracle of Chanukah or Hanukkah music like The Chanukah Song.


Emphasize Hanukkah traditions

Tips 4: Focus on important Hanukkah traditions


Generally speaking, the spirits of a festival can always be reflected by the traditions. Therefore, knowing Hanukkah traditions in Hanukkah PowerPoint is a crucial step to help kids understand Hanukkah spirits. Of course, as a festival with long-time past, Hanukkah gains quite a lot of traditions. However, do not list all the Hanukkah traditions in Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids, just detail some important ones. Only in this way can you make the Hanukkah PowerPoint impressive enough to keep the attentions of kids. Moreover, show those important Hanukkah traditions that may interest kids in the slides.  For example, the traditions of sending gift per night and lighting one candle per day during Hanukkah are much more desirable than the traditions of eating some Hanukkah food that has disappeared at present.


Innovations of Hanukkah PowerPoint

Tips 5: Make Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids as innovative as possible


Kids love innovative and fresh things. Therefore, an efficient way to make impressive Hanukkah PowerPoint for kids is to surprise kids with the innovations in the PowerPoint presentation. To make the Hanukkah PPT innovative in form, you can convert the PowerPoint to a video; to make the Hanukkah PowerPoint creative in content, you can make the PPT Chrismukkah-oriented. Anyway, the stranger and surprising your Hanukkah PowerPoint turns out to be, the greater chances it will win the hearts of kids. However, the innovations only make sense when they are served to spread Hanukkah spirits to kids.


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