5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Reception PowerPoint

These days having a slideshow at a wedding reception is commonplace as it’s a fun, romantic and entertaining way to showcase the lives of the newlyweds both before and during their relationship. Even if you’re not a professional or even a PowerPoint expert you can make a wedding slideshow to be reckoned with that bride, groom and the wedding guests alike will fondly remember. Here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Choose a song that is meaningful. Nearly all wedding slideshows have an accompanying soundtrack, so make sure that you pick a song or songs that are meaningful to the couple. If you don’t know what they’d like or they don’t have a favorite, try to choose something classic and romantic to suit the mood of the day.
  2. Add transitions and effects. If you have the capability to do cool things with PowerPoint why not do them? Make the most of the effects and transitions the program offers so that your presentation will look much more professional and keep your audience enthralled.
  3. Choose a variety of photos. You’ll want to make sure that you’re using a good mixture of horizontal and vertical photos in your slideshow as well as pictures that come from a variety of places in the couple’s lives. This will keep things interesting and make your slideshow flow better.
  4. Don’t go too long. Just like if you were giving a business presentation, length is a major concern when you are putting together a slideshow if it’s meant to have a captive audience rather than go in the background. Keep it short so that your audience can enjoy it but also be able to socialize and enjoy their meals as well.
  5. Know your audience. The best wedding slideshows will be those that you create for the people close to you. Then you’ll have lots of stories and funny pictures to add to the show that others who are not as close would not. You’ll also be able to better gauge if the couple would want a show that is geared towards entertaining their audience with their antics or providing a more romantic view of their relationship.

This post was contributed by Britney Wilkins, who writes about the college degrees. She welcomes your feedback at BritneyWilkins81 at yahoo.com

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