5 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts to Express Love to Mom

Posted By Frank on May 6, 2010
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Mother’s Day gives an optimal opportunity to create amazing crafts for Mom. Concurrently, send her a funny card, treat her to a tasty brunch and gift her something special. Not yet have a craft idea for Mother’s Day? Here are 5 easy craft choices for your reference.

1. Pasta Heart Plate for Mom (Kid’s Craft)


For little kids, Pasta Heart Plate is a tip-top choice to show love for Mom. What you will need is some glue, a plate, colorful peas and some noodles.

How to make it:
a. On the plate, draw a heart shape with white craft glue.
b. Place macaroni shapes onto the white craft glue heart.
c. Use white craft glue to write "mom" in the center of the heart. Place flat side of split peas onto the craft glue, using yellow peas for both letter "m’s" and green for the "o".
d. Let it dry completely.

For more details, please see the source here.

2. Bouquet in Hand Craft (Kid’s Craft)


A simple paper craft made from a child’s handprint, paint or markers, and construction paper. Great craft for Mother’s Day.

What you’ll need:
• A piece of light-colored construction paper (white, pale blue, pale yellow, or other colors) – for the background
• One piece of skin-colored construction paper – for the hand
• Scissors
• Glue
• Crayons, markers or paint and brushes
• Optional: colorful construction paper for the flowers (or flowers can be drawn with markers)

To learn the exact steps of bouquet craft making, click here

3. Mom ‘n’ Me Wooden Spoons (Kid’s Craft)


With 2 wooden spoons, color yarns, scissors, ribbon, white craft glue, pony beads, wiggle eyes, pink pom-poms, black marker, crayons and buttons, you can make two cute dolls of wooden spoons – mom and child, for Mother’s Day.
Click here to have a deeper look at the tutorial of Mom ‘n’ Me Wooden Spoons

4. Paper Family Tree (Kid’s Craft)

Mother’s Day also offers a good chance to whet the family love. So teach your child to make a family tree using construction paper. Your child can learn your family’s heritage with this simple family tree.

What you’ll need:
• Sky blue and green construction paper
• Crayons, tempera paint, or markers
• Scissors
• Glue stick

For the how-to guide of the Paper Family Tree, click here

5. Simple Movie for Mom (Kids and Adults)

If you are a computer addict, you can leverage the craft to a digital video. Draft a poem in MS PowerPoint, accompany with animations, graphic, music, flash, etc. Make it into a video with conversion apps such as Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Hook it to your mom’s mobile phone to give her a surprise. Or upload the love video to YouTube and insert the embed code to your blog.

Things you’ll need:
• MS PowerPoint
• Background music for mom
• Some quality photos
• Moyea PPT to Video Converter
• Optional: flash or video clips that may add a touch

To help make a excellent video slideshow for mom, refer to these 2 articles:
How to Make Great PowerPoint Presentation
How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Video

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