3 Ways to Play a PPS on Another PC

PPS is short for PowerPoint Show. A PPS file is identical as a PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) in content. There is only a slight difference in the extension – PPS ends with an "S" while PPT ends with a "T". A PPS means to open PowerPoint directly into slide show view rather than editing view. You can make conversion between a PPS and a PPT simply by renaming the files. Note that you need the same software to view either one.

The coming question is, how to play a PPS or PPT file on a computer different from your own?
I would like to introduce 3 ways of viewing a PPS at cross platforms.

  • I. Use a PowerPoint program
    II. Use a PowerPoint viewer
    III. Use a PowerPoint to video conversion app
  • View a PPS via PowerPoint

    Perquisite: The destination computer has the same or higher version of PowerPoint installed. If you have made your PPS with MS PowerPoint 2003, then a 2003 or later version would be OK to open it.

    Otherwise, you have to buy a PowerPoint program from Microsoft. All that you need is to copy a whole folder of your PPS file (also remember to include backups of the embedded sounds, video clips) to a flash disk, then carry and place it to the destination computer.
    OK. You can access your PSS when running the compatible PowerPoint on the destination PC.

    View a PPS via a PowerPoint Viewer

    Before download, get a clear idea of the running environment for each viewer at my previous post Free PowerPoint Viewers, Viewer Capabilities
    Download and install a PowerPoint Viewer to access your PPS.
    Download PowerPoint Viewer 2007 for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 1
    Download PowerPoint Viewer 2003 for Windows 98SE and Later
    Download the free Open Office or Mac (for there is no PowerPoint viewer available for Mac)

    View a PPS in video using Moyea PPT to Video Converter

    It is a good consideration when you want to

  • Play your PPS on either a Windows or a Mac without PowerPoint
    Prevent your PPS from unexpected computer corruption
    Keep away prying hands on your PPS stuff
    Share your PPS with all the online audience
  • To get a free edition of the PowerPoint to video converter, click here.
    Install and run the PPT to video software. Import your PPS file, set the output video format as required, and click Start to begin converting to video. After converted, the PPS video can be sent and played on any computer just as it was.

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