3 Methods to Play PowerPoint on HDTV

With the advancement of science and technology, PowerPoint scanning is no longer the privilege of traditional computer. As powerful tool in both entertaining and working fields, PowerPoint is now compatible with various devices ranging from smartphone to HDTV.  Generally speaking, people choose smartphone as PowerPoint viewer for its small design while HDTV for its excellent and large-size display. For many users, playing PowerPoint on Lumia 920, a born multimedia device, is quite understandable while viewing PowerPoint on HDTV is not. Mainly created for video entertainment, HDTV is actually incompatible with PowerPoint. Then how can one enjoy PowerPoint on HDTV? Here three methods will be covered to help users view PowerPoint on HDTV.  

Method One: Play PowerPoint via HDMI

Play PPT on HDTV: Conncet mobile with HDTV

Though PowerPoint is not supported by HDTV, it is playable on smartphone. Therefore, a feasible way for users to play PowerPoint on HDTV is to connect PowerPoint-friendly smartphone to HDTV via HDMI port. Of course, the HDMI port and the power to play PowerPoint smoothly are the basic requirements for the smartphone. To this extent, Windows mobile like Nokia Lumia 800 seems to be a nice choice. After all, Microsoft Office Mobile can better support PowerPoint presentation than Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives like Quickoffice. However, due to the limitations of Office Mobile, PowerPoint is not as fully supported on the mobile as it is on the computer.

Method Two: View PowerPoint on YouTube

Play PPT on HDTV: Publiash PowerPoint to YouTube

In fact, users can also convert the PowerPoint to video and then publish the PowerPoint to YouTube. Only in this way can users visit YouTube and play PPT on HDTV when Internet connection is available. However, this method is only suitable for HDTVs with accesses to websites. Moreover, since some HDTVs haven’t been equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, they can only visit YouTube with the help of wireless USB adapters. Of course, as the branches of the HDTVs differ, the branches of suitable wireless USB adapters vary. Therefore, even though this method provides users a direct solution to view PowerPoint on HDTV, it is quite complicated in operations.

Method Three: Burn PowerPoint to DVD

The last but not the least important method to help users view PowerPoint on HDTV is to burn PowerPoint to DVD. In this way, users can not only enjoy PowerPoint on HDTV without Internet connection, but also solve the annoying incompatibility issue. Moreover, when the PowerPoint has been burned to DVD movie, playing PowerPoint on HDTV will turn out to be a real visual feast. Of course, to make this method works, users need to find out a perfect PowerPoint to DVD converter like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Open it and then click “Add” icon in the drop-down menu of “Import” tab to input the PowerPoint presentation for conversion.

Play PPT on HDTV: Import PowerPoint

Step 2: Choose DVD options like DVD mode and DVD norm with “Options” tab, customize DVD menu with “Menu” tab, add background music to the DVD movie with “Music” option and add watermark to the DVD with “Logo” tab.

Play PPT on HDTV: Set DVD options

Step 3: After all those steps, choose “Burn” tab, check “Burn to Disc” box and then click “Start” icon to begin burning PowerPoint to DVD. As the process ends, users can view PowerPoint on HDTV by playing the burned disc on HDTV via DVD Player.  

Play PPT on HDTV: Burn PPT to DVD

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